Milestone of my journey in WordPress!

Hello all…:)

It’s been so great to have time speaking out my thoughts about my blog with you all… As this is my 101st post I take this opportunity in sharing few of my experiences…:) Though you might be busy out there with your own world of joys and sorrows guess I would lend a 15mins of your valuable time in reading this post…:)

So I am a girl of 23, working as a Content Writer (Of course I am, do believe me 😛 ) in an IT concern. While I was doing my graduation I had my personal laptop with net connection. All I could do with it was to search content for my assignments, create various profiles in social networking sites for chit-chatting, mail my buddies and watch movies online. I never knew there could be a better world out there that offers me so much of opportunities in identifying and developing my inborn skills which is kept untouched. 😦

But it was at the end of my graduation I accidently came across a blog which I don’t even remember by now and I found that a guy was penning down his thoughts in such a funny way which I just loved it. I kept it bookmarked and followed him for so many days. But I was such an idiot (even now am so at times 😛 ) for not even taking a chance in browsing over what the blogging platform is and how it works. I must say that am not much interested those days.

But after my graduation I had several mess ups in my personal and professional life and finally landed up with bits and pieces of me into this office which is a haven. I haven’t dreamt of even finding a place to work with such pleasant atmosphere and lots of good people out there with loads of experience helping me out with each of my endeavor holding back with massive patience :D. I know I was a quiver and I don’t understand a thing simple. I need an explanation for each and every little thing which is quiet a good habit according to me as I got to know a number of unknown facts about the work and even the usage of every single software ( though my superiors might have got irritated with me am so thankful to them). 🙂 🙂

After few months of my work with my so-called-perfect-company, I had to write various contents for variety of business profiles which made me surf over the internet once again. While doing so I again came up with so much of blogs which was so amazing and lovely to be with. So during my free hours I started searching for blogs and got addicted in reading blogs. 😀

I am a single girl child and I am yearning badly to share my views and thoughts with someone. And I found that blogging could make me feel better in sharing what I have in my mind. The main reasons behind this thought are:

  • We can blabber whatever we think off in our blog.
  • We need not reveal our identity to everyone so that we have the liberty of penning down our views over anyone and any issue.
  • We can make a good group of friends who can encourage you and cheer you up in improvising your works and think fresh and make yourself busy with building up so many newer ideas.
  • We could develop our vocabulary, grammar, writing skills, our talents in any other genre like art, craft, photography, poetry and anything that you have within you.
  • We need not muse over other people’s thoughts and instead we could make others think about your thoughts and views and create a spark in minds of someone like me to get them developed.

So analyzing and coming for a conclusion about me blogging I created a blog. But to my disappointment I was not able to continue as I do not have time to spend for my blog in my office and at home I had a problem with my net connection. So my first blog cannot be updated regularly and by due course of time I even forgot that I owned a blog. 😦

Finally at the end of September 2011 I thought of creating a new blog in a new name where I had to update often and keep my blog alive without any degradation for my readers. So thus I created in the beginning of august 2011. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Though I do not have a perfect genre for my blog I actually wanted to explore my writing, photographing and crafting skills with everyone. But I do accept that my blog doesn’t have much information’s that is helpful for you all. But I am trying my best to implement new ideas in writing my posts which might create an interest over the readers to spend some time to stay in my blog page.

Here is the status of atinytoes in the WordPress:

  1. From 29th August 2011 my journey in WordPress begun.
  2. I have completed my 100th post on 24th January 2012.
  3. 8,524 friends of mine have visited my blog since August. (Not sure how many of them liked it. But guess none of them hated it. If so do let me know with the reason friends)
  4. Got 38 close friends as my followers. (Though am not a leader to have followers I just mentioned my friends here who that am worth for atleast reading few of my posts)
  5. Have been nominated for 2 Awards. (Not sure whether am entitled for those awards. But am sure that it encourages and motivates me)
  6. A total of 277 comments have been made. (There are people who express their views to improvise my works and even there may be few who encourages me though am not upto the anticipation, but please do remember that all your comments are really worthy for me and I value each and every comment good or bad whatever it may be as it helps me to get me move further)
  7. I follow 56 blog sites. (Each and every site I follow has some uniqueness and I really love the way people express their views either it may be funny, sarcastic or sensational but all that binds up at the end is a fruitful information with such an expressive style)
  8. I created my poem blog on 29th September 2011. (Though am not updating it for a long time I still do believe that I can make that blog also active with my poems.)

When I started writing my blog I never really imagined that I can make up to this type of result within a 6month time period. But when I find this kind of support from my fellow bloggers I am pleased and get motivated to give more useful posts to everyone.

I take this opportunity to Thank you all my friends, visitors and my blogs future visitors for considering me and my blog page for few minutes from your precious time.

Always treasure each and every moment of your life and Keep blogging 🙂 🙂 🙂

With Love,



  1. hey congratulations on this milestone 🙂 i created my blog for similar reasons as yours. a friend would blog constantly posting stuff daily and i was intrigued. and 8000 hits in 5 months is brilliant. and i totally agree. ive made some real honest friends through my blog. i do find it easy to express myself. im not much of a writer myself but i just keep writing whatever comes to my mind. happy for your achievement. hope you’ll keep up the good work and find time for your blog as well 🙂 cheers.

    1. Hey Arjun!!!
      Nice to hear these from you 🙂 We do sail in the same boat 🙂 And thanks for your wishes 🙂 And though you are not a writer you are indeed a good blogger i must say 🙂

  2. Hello! Congratulations on the 101st post! 🙂

    We seem to share a few similarities:

    1. We both are only children of our parents, and girls.
    2. We both work as Content Writers.
    3. We both started blogs with the aim to explore ourselves and our skills and the world around us.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Hope to see you around! 🙂

    1. Hi there!!!

      Its good to share some similarities between us 🙂 Same pinch for it 🙂

      Hope this works out well as of we being friends 🙂 And thank you so much for sharing it 🙂

  3. congrats for your short journey in blogging… keep going ! 🙂 But I must disapoint you in one point which is often misunderstood by beginners. More than 8,000 hits does not mean you had more than 8000 visitors… a hit is a technical measure parameter: how often was picked up a page, a graphic (image), text or advertising. So 3 hits can be counted of one single page, but same one visitor can cause a number of hits…. so hits are not really valuable to measure the traffic on your blog…. 🙂 You would need something like “Google Analytics” which is not integrated in automatically…. but you can integrate it by a plugin: If you really want have a good measurement setup wordpress on an own doman as (cost free). There are some good providers out there even offer you to setup wordpress reaady out of the box with one mouse click. (herefore it would be possible that you copy all your existing postings by backupping and mirror it to your own new blog). Then you can connect Google Analytics more perfectly: . Generally you can say a single user (and this is the relevant parameter in Web-controlling) visits 2-3 pages per visit…. important would be to know that you get by Google Analytics how many users you have on your blog and how many pages these users have watched/read, That’s the relevant parameter for a qualitatively proof. Nothing else. Good luck ! :.-) Greetings from Europe and from a real lover of Indian music culture…. TC/LJ.

    1. Its indeed a very useful information for calculating stats… I’ll do check over these for accurate results 🙂 Thanks for the valuable information 🙂

      1. P.S.: 🙂 a 1st simple proof if your blog is pulling traffi on the web is using Alexa… you know ? – A a global measurement tool…. you see the results for your blog here: . Disapointed ? – Alexa does not show you any results as your blog is still too small (dont be disapointed,… alone hosts more than 1 milion blogs and it needs time to popup so fare you follow some principal rules). Here you find the result of my radio blog (for my non-commercial radio shows): I did 1100 postings since spring 2007, so in average it was one posting per week, round about… not a lot I know… therefore the ranking cannot be very, very high… for the position in Germany higher than >60,000 is not so bad (in 2011 I had 200 visits pers day, in 2012 it started little bit better with >300 visits). During last weeks I do daily round about 2 postings and the traffic increases 42% compared with January 2010…. Alexa counts the external links which route to your own blog…. so its important, that your blog is conntected in the global web more heavily if you should be interested to get more visitors…. 🙂 For example you can start to link your blog postings with your Facebook page (you should have one for your blog beside your Facebook profile). You can use widgets in blog so automatically your postings are mirrored via Facebook page and via Twitter… no single manual work…. this helps to spread out your postings and become more networked… looks like this: . An effective tool herefore is: Happy Friday ! – TC/LJ

      2. OMG! There is such a lot of things to be learnt by me 😦 And i was really disappointed to see the result… But as you said my blog is not the only site in WordPress and so i have to wait for few more years to get a result like yours 🙂 I now got to know the statistical calculations done by WordPress and I owe you a big thanks for spending your valuable time in discussing this with me 🙂

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