Headbands – Crafting!

Hello guys!!!

It’s my first post on crafting… Though I have done so many craft items before am not actually into it these days due to time inconsistency. But this Diwali my sisters asked me for few Headbands to be done for their dresses to make them look better on Diwali. So I’ve done a few headbands and added it to my blog for a starter collection of my crafting 🙂 🙂 🙂

A green headband with 3 set of roses and its made of cloth lace…

The next comes a headband with white and lavender stripes and it is made of fabric with a single flower on top of it…

The next comes the most colorful headband in white and red fabric with a colorful big flower on it…

And the final headband is the most simplest and my favorite of all these made of the fabric cloth alone…

And a collection of all the three.. My sis went out with the above headband so its been missed out…

Ahhh… its my sis here with a big smile 😀 😀 😀

Mahmud of Ghazni

Once when i was doing my school education i like my History subject a lot. It depicts the life and war of the ancient time Kings and Queens. I love reading ancient histories as it gives me a profoundness regarding my own country India. It also portrays the rich Indian culture and various strong men who fought hard for saving our Mother India.

I also loved hearing about great warriors and Emperors who fought to capture our country. They all knew the value of our mother land and had a great zeal towards the wealth and rich natural resources of our country.

One such emperor who attracted me was  “Mahmud of Ghazni”. He was one of the Ruler who attacked us and captured our country. But he had a vast difference from the other Kings. He with a wish of having our country did not stop his invasion until 17 time.

1000 AD: Indian Frontier Towns

1001-03 AD: Jaipal, Peshawar

1008: Anandpal

1009: Invasion of Nagarkot [Kangra]

1014: Thanesar

1015: Kashmir Valley


1018-19: Mathura and Kannauj

1021: Kalinjar

1023: Lahore

1025: Somnath

Inspired by his strongest will power i drew his picture for the first time. It was my first drawing of a person. Though it isn’t appealing i liked it as i came to knew the fact that even i can draw a bit 😀



Function for Gods !!!

A few days before i happened to pass by a temple where they celebrated a grand festival for the God of that temple. Its a custom in Tamilnadu to celebrate once a year for the God in particular temple. Probably there will be a temple for each street which will be of mostly Lord Ganesha temple. He is too famous here 😀 So when i was driving i just saw this banner kept for the God and liked to click a picture. It wasn’t clear as my Mobile doesn’t support flash during night times 😦 So it wasn’t clear. After a series of pictures i found this particular one a bit okay for its display in my blog 🙂

Cute dolls !

I was preparing to attend marriage of one of ma friend. I was totally insane as i was getting late and just then i remembered that i have forgot to get GIFT 😦 😦  😦 … So i hurried up to a nearby gift shop to purchase. To my bad luck i couldn’t find anything which satisfies me (Its hard to choose a gift for me within 30mins u know). So i went for a Cup and Saucer set… I gave it for gift wrapping and in the mean time i took few shots of these lovely dolls in shop… (I was lucky that the shopkeeper doesn’t scold me for taking pic’s 😛 😛 )

This is the gift i purchased 🙂

The below given are few of the ceramic dolls…



A cute watch for kids in Strawberry shape 🙂

The above given ceramic dolls are nice but i could feel a sad remark over the making of these dolls face’s. We usually present these cute dolls to our loved ones on some special occasions but when we look at these dolls closely we could find a deep sadness in their eyes. The manufacturers while making these products can concentrate a little more to add life to eyes to make them look happy…

The below given are made of ceramic only i guess but am not sure of it… But i liked the color and postures these dolls were made into… Cute rights 😀

Even in these we could not sense a happy feeling 😦



Quick Art !!!

Am so surprised by the various talents of a friend, sister and a colleague. She was a person with multi-talented . She can draw, paint, sketch a portrait, sing, mimic and still not known few of her talents 🙂 Am feeling lucky to be around a person of so much talents.

Here is the picture which she drew with an innovative concept within 20mins 🙂 I simply love it 🙂 🙂 🙂