My 100th Post with a poem for my Mother India!

Hello Friends!!!

Its atinytoes thanking each and every single person out there reading my blog, visiting my blog often, and also for the one’s who just cross over my blog… Thank you so much!

Its my 100th post and now am waiting for all your support in continuing my blog 🙂 🙂 🙂

For my 100th post and for my Mother India celebrating her 63rd Republic day, here’s the poem for her.

When the sun comes ,nature smiles
when the moon comes, darkness cries
But at happy and sorrow ,at misery and grievence you are their mother following like the shadow all the way looking after me till the grave
the beauty of my mother land is none compared to anyother land
the purity of your love is more precious than sacred amruta
the kindness of your heart cannot be expressed as the universe is vast
GOD should hate ,having created you so great
the diamond that shines becomes lazy before your eyes
But today the glogy of my mother ,becoming prey for other
everyone have their way,vampires have their sway
none to see your welfare,everywhere became warfare
BUT………………MOTHER……….. my eyes ,search for you
my mind thinks of you
and my heart ,beats for you ………….. forever……………forever…..

Jai Hind

Submitted by thati.pramod sai.


  1. Lovely Poem and Congrats for your Milestone Post !
    way to go :)-

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