Action figure

My Love – Danboard!!!

Yeah guys!!! Am absolutely in love with the Danboard! Am not sure of when i met him… But the moment i saw Danboard i fell in love with him and the cutest looks and actions he shows in each of his photographs 🙂 🙂 🙂 He has been filling the screens of my Mobile and laptop wallpapers…

So I’ve jumped into the collection of various photographs of Danboard and now i have a huge compilation of those 🙂 🙂 I thought of sharing few of ma favorite pictures with you guys too 🙂

The Cute Family

The lovable dad helping his son

A son rescuing his dad

Cute Dan feeding a bunny

A warm cuddle

Mischievous Dan...

Dan bursting crackers

Sad Dan in rain

Dan in Love

About Danboard:

In the popular “Yotsuba&!” manga, Danboard (from the Japanese word “danboru,” which means “cardboard”) is a robot costume made of cardboard, in which Miura suits up and moves when coins are inserted into the slot on the left side of the chest. And now it born on action figure, Revoltech mini Danboard from Kaiyodo. It comes with logo at it’s head and body. This action figure only reach 80 mm tall.

Ahhh… So how’s my Dan??? Isn’t he cute??? Yeah he is 🙂 Am so in love with this cute little action figure 🙂