Shenbaga poo

Michelia champaka…

Michelia champaca is an evergreen or semi-deciduous, small to medium-sized tree up to 50 m tall; bole straight, cylindrical, up to 200 cm in diameter, without buttresses; bark surface smooth, grey to greyish-white, inner bark fibrous, yellow to brown, crown conical to cylindrical. Leaves simple, entire, arranged spirally; stipules adnate to or free from the petiole. Flowers on short, axillary brachyblast, solitary or rarely in pairs, large, tepals 6-21, in 3-6 usually subequal whorls, white to yellow; stamens many, anthers with a short to prominently elongated connective; gynoecium stipitate, with spirally arranged, free or connate carpels containing many ovules. Fruiting carpels dehiscing along the dorsal suture when free or fused and forming a fleshy or woody syncarp. Seed hanging from its funicle. The genus is named after Italian botanist Peter A. Michel (1679-1737); the specific epithet after the Hindu name.

(Bengali) : champa, champaka
(Burmese) : mawk-sam-lung
(Cantonese) : sampige
(English) : fragrant champaca, golden champa, orange chempaka, yellow champa
(Filipino) : champaca
(French) : Ilang-ilang
(Hindi) : chempaka
(Indonesian) : capaka, cempak, cempaka kuning
(Lao (Sino-Tibetan)) : cham pa
(Malay) : champaka, chempaka, chempaka merah
(Sinhala) : sapu
(Spanish) : champaca
(Tamil) : chambugam, chembuga, Shenbagam
(Thai) : champa, champa khao, champa pa
(Vietnamese) : ng[oj]c lan

I really love to have this flower in my hair as it gives a sweet smell of fragrance to my hair 🙂 But at times it might bring headache too as its sweet scent is so delicious 🙂 🙂