Marriage advisers…

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Marriage…. A word which I am hearing very often these days from each and every single person I meet…

“Hey, when are you getting married?”

“Have you ever got an idea to get married?”

“What’s taking you so long to get married?”

“Are you in relationship with someone?”

“Do you have any problem with your horoscope?”

Many such questions from every single person, be it my friends, relatives, known or even unknown… But I am like “Hey, what’s wrong with you all… And why the hell should I get married so early when I have so much to do in my life”

Marriage is a word which has become kind of scary these days and it’s because of the various advices given to me without my consent…

Let’s look few of it…

Advice 1:

Some aunty from relation: Go to temple every day. Only God will help you get married soon. Try to continue fasting on shasti’s. It will help you give a very good husband just like you expected”

Me: Oh… Sure aunty! (Does God own any wedding consultancy or website where he helps girls pick up a bridegroom as they expect?) Instruction outlawed.

Advice 2:

Married Friend of Mine: “Hey you have so much of time for marriage so make a better choice unlike me. Try analyzing the assets and financial position of him and you need to know the entire background of him which will help you lead a peaceful life”

Me: What??? Am I taking a survey on the bridegroom’s financial position or am I going to be his wife? Its shocking that if every single girl chooses according to this and how would the guys with less financial state is gonna get married. Strongly disagree.

Advice 3:

Another married friend of mine: “Look, never marry a guy with in-laws and specifically who has a sister. My husband actually speaks for more than an hour with his sister every single day and it pisses me off. How on earth could I bear my husband speaking with other women in front of me for hours? At least you be careful in making a choice”

Me: OMG!!! Are you saying these for real? How the hell do you expect a brother and sister to not speak? And do you even have a mind… what on earth has got into you for comparing the siblings in such a bad term… Hope you get to live your life with sense of mind girl. Totally shocked and I never want to hear such instructions anymore because I love being a family.

Many such instructions are been given to me over my marriage and I think none of it is actually going to be happening with me.

Marriages are made with a sense of togetherness and not with the Pooja’s/Fastings, or Financial status or their family bond…. Follow your own instincts and not such annoying advises.

International Women’s Day 2012!!!

Hi all Lovely Women out there….. Its ATINYTOES wishing you all INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY with all my heart 🙂

Me being a woman i feel the best in wishing you all today and may all your eternal wishes come true and have a cheerful life ahead with prosperity 🙂 

 – Women

“A symbol of modesty and mercy

Healing for the whole of humanity

Gentle her touch, so her words

Bless the women for her powers


Women, the truth and the love

Showers on children and her love

Looking nothing, seeking no rewards

Only piety flowing through her glance”





Have a Happy & Joyful Women’s Day!!! 


Expressions – Photography Challenge

Hiya guys!!!

Its a  tiny toes back with another post over my photography challenge for expressions…

I had this picture taken 4 to 5 years back… But what’s so special in this picture kept me saving this picture is the varied expression of all these men… You could find all men in this picture with a grin over their face except the hero of this pic… Yeah you’re right… Its the old grandfather who spreads out his smile which is so lovely to sense it…

A smile is always the energizing stimulant to human beings undoubtedly 🙂 🙂 🙂

Its the one other picture of the sweet little girl Dharshini 🙂 A bunch of balloons is the reason behind her smile… And the balloons are colorful though 🙂