Impulsive Management Changes

Ciao guys!

I am TinyToes, a sluggish female working as a Content Architect in one so-called IT sector in my city. Its been 16 months since I joined this concern.

I was just a novice while entering this concern and being my first job of my life I put-forth my fullest effort in making myself fit well with this designation. To my surprise I found the concern and my colleagues so supportive and they were ready to teach whenever you go by pestering them in the middle of their hectic schedule. And there are lots more the place and the people taught me in my personal and professional life.

But it’s some sort of personal issues which made me take a decision of leaving this firm and take a quiet vacation for my own self apart from my work pressure. And thus I have mailed my resignation to the concern in the beginning of this year.

And here is a short demonstration of the most surprising management changes which I experience in my office after my decision which gave me a nostalgic feeling and made me stick up hard to my decision.

(A formal discussion between me and M.D regarding the mail I sent for resigning)

M.D       : I’ve seen your mail TinyToes. So how far is the issue with your Mom’s health?

TinyToes     : As I have informed you earlier regarding her @#%^! problem I think we have to undergo a surgery sir. And it might make her bed-rested for a month atleast and it’s my responsibility to take care of her. So thinking over these I’ve finally landed to this decision sir.

M.D       : Hmmm… Ok then. The fact here is, we haven’t even gave a thought for selecting another candidate for Content Writing and looking over your reason let me start scrutinizing candidates for your post. And you must work until we hire another candidate as you knew it well that we have quite a lot of projects lined up and technically we need your assistance. So let me inform you regarding this two weeks later TinyToes.

TinyToes     : Okay sir.

(I came up with a very heavy heart. As you knew the reason well. If not let me say it myself. I took a decision of leaving the concern only for some valid reason. But I had a silly thought that I might be a value (!!!) to them and so they might suggest me some other alternative in making me stay here instead of resigning. If not atleast a word of formality in asking me not to leave the concern. But nothing happened as I expected and I understood clearly that they don’t think me as one of their value. And why the hell must I be here anymore? I got firm with my decision.)

(After two weeks of time period I mailed a reminder for what we discussed earlier. So we had another meeting for that.)

M.D       : TinyToes, I remember saying I will update you regarding the hiring process and I think you didn’t get me anything wrong like I said I will relieve you in two weeks.

TinyToes     : Yes sir, ofcourse I knew it. But the thing is you might be busy with your works and its my duty to remind you and moreover my mom and her surgery is more important for me and that’s one main reason which you could understand better.

M.D       : Yes. I understand. But we are not able to select a candidate with the desired skill set as like you and so it’s been dragging along so much of time. Let me make it sooner.

TinyToes     : Okay sir.

(“See still they don’t even have the courtesy to say me stay. Even if they are gonna say am not gonna stay here anymore. “Mumbled my consciousness.)

(Another two weeks have passed and I was called in for another meeting before which they had quite a few interviews with some candidates and I thought it’s time for me to get relieved.)

M.D       : Yes TinyToes. So we just called you to inform that you have been given an increment. Have you checked your account?

TinyToes     : Oh… Not yet sir. And may I know what the reason behind the increment is now?

M.D       : That’s nothing. We had a discussion 4 months earlier regarding your increment right. So after considering your request we have offered you the increment.

TinyToes     : Oh… ok sir.

M.D       : And TinyToes, how’s your mother’s health? Is she any better?

TinyToes     : She’s fine for now sir. And if she needs to get better, then the only way is the surgery.

M.D       : Fine. So why don’t you consider in staying back at ******* TinyToes? You see we find it difficult in selecting a candidate similar to your flair for content writing. And instead of searching for another person similar to you why cant you work here for a while. And even if you need some medical leave for your mother’s surgery you could sure take it and you can even work from home if you wish.

TinyToes     : !?!?!?!

M.D       : Look TinyToes. If only your mother’s surgery is bothering you, then just leave it aside. You can have your working time or working type get changed as work-from-home basis. All we try to say is that we don’t want to lose a talented girl like you for such reason. Is there any other issues related with your resignation?

TinyToes     : Huh??? No sir. Only this.

M.D       : Ok then. Why don’t you discuss regarding this with your family and consider staying at this office for another 2 more year’s atleast until they find you a groom to get married. Hope they haven’t started looking alliance for you still he he he. We expect a positive reply from your side TinyToes.

TinyToes     : Hmmm okay sir.

(I left the room with a pale face and a millions of thoughts haunting my mind. I can accept everything he said. But except one thing. Hey am going to be 24 this March and how the hell do you think my parents wont see alliance for another two years and spend my life so miserable in being single when all my pals have got two kids already and my sisters who has started teasing me to get married soon so that their path might get cleared soon and a lots more)

(After a week, that is which happened a few days back this week, another meeting was held)

M.D       : TinyToes, have you discussed with your mother?

TinyToes     : (I was totally forgot about that and stupidly enquired back to him) About what sir?

M.D       : (Angrily replying) ABOUT CONSIDERING TO STAY HERE!

TinyToes     : (Oh Shit!!!) Hmmm no sir.

M.D       : Why? Are you firm with your decision then?

TinyToes     : Yes sir.

M.D       : Well. So what else to say. We are having an interview in the middle of this week and I guess we would select the candidate for you position. If selected you can leave when your current projects are finished.

TinyToes     : Oh… Thank you sir. I have two projects lined up to be finished and it will probably take a week to be completed will finish that and will get relieved sir.

M.D       : Okay.

( I came out with face full of teeth and already I have started flying in seventh heaven )


The happiness is because I am going to get relieved from a place who don’t value neither me nor my talent and once they have ended up with no eligible candidate they come back giving increment and brain-washing me to stay with so much polished words. Even after these much of happenings if I happen to stay here would I be treated nice? Won’t they think I am easily convinced and changed my decision with a salary hike? Am I valued with my talent or valued with the amount of productivity I yield and amount spent over me? It’s just embarrassing when I dig down the hole deeper. So let me stop this situation with this much of imagination


Hello all!

Its a brand new start for my creative writing 🙂 Eager to know what its all about??? (Though your not eager please do act so 😀 )

Am gonna start writing a story series 🙂 Its the idea which I’ve been thinking for so long but was not really into it… But suddenly had an intuition of writing one on my own. So here comes “SERENDIPITY” my first story series…

Do read it and post your most valuable comments 🙂 I am all ears for comments 🙂


Part – I

It was a sun-drenched summer afternoon where the sunbeams are wrapping the whole city with its fiery temperature and manifestly passing its rays of heat violently on each part of her body. She was been sitting there for hours without any progress both physically and mentally. It was the building which is under construction that’s located next to her house. No sign of human was found in the construction site which braved her to move along the solitude place till the terrace for blow-dry her mind from things that had ended before her before an hour for which she was helpless.

It’s been so long she had been through this and an evil mind of hers started playing tricks over her by insisting her all the pessimistic effects of her life and forced her for a suicide attempt. On the other hand as natural her angelic mind bought back all the good old memories and pleaded her to stay alive. And alas! In a fraction of time no one can ever imagine it and there she was lying on the terrace of the building in the construction site fainted. Not sure how many hours she lay down there as such. At sunset the watchman who was checking over the building noticed her lying over there unmoving.

There she lay motionless. Her face was as pale as the white Lilly with few droplets of sweat over her face due to the struggle just like the morning dew that got settled over the petals of the flower. She had a slender forehead with strands of her hair falling over till her fluffy cheeks with two romantic eyes which would easily make anyone fall for her. Her rose-tinted skin texture made her look immensely beautiful even in her sick-bed.

She woke up hearing the sudden sound of the nurse’s whispering. She found that she was been hospitalized. A pair of blue uniformed nurse’s was chit-chatting sitting around the corner of the single bedded hospital room. The fierce smell of the medicines caught her nostril which wasn’t quiet pleasing to her breath and all of a sudden she started to trouble for breathing. Her entire body started trembling as if she was in to an electric shock.

The nurse’s rushed to the bed hearing the sudden and intense thud of her body and begun their first aids rapidly by placing the oxygen tube around her nostrils and checking the pulse rate on the other side. One of the nurses was treating her and the other hurried to inform the chief doctor about her sudden change. But unfortunately the chief doctor went for lunch and so the nurse went checking for the general practitioner who was on duty at that afternoon. Hearing the news he agreed and soon he was there in her room treating her unstable state and after an hour of struggle she was back to normal.

“Where are the patients relatives? Why come there isn’t anyone here?” asked Dr.Mittal.

“No one came looking for her since yesterday evening Doctor” said nurse Rejina.

Dr: “Then how come she was admitted here?”

Nurse: “An old lad admitted her saying that he doesn’t know who she is and found lying unconscious on the building he was guarding. He also said he would inform to the land owner and visit her today. But nobody turned up since then”

Dr: “My goodness. So if she is fall into a critical situation how can we make our next move without consulting her relatives? Call that person who admitted her immediately and inform him to meet me within evening. And continue her trips and let the oxygen tube be till morning as she suffers to breathe well.”

Nurse: “Okay Doctor Saab”

To be continued…