Past Floods

Rainy Afternoons!

For the past few afternoons i could continuously see the cloud pouring its heavenly water into this world for making the people free from famine with agricultural irrigation’s. But i also found the clouds being overwhelming and pouring out each and every day making a huge fuss over the city by delaying the works of the fellow citizens. Mine too 😦 But i did enjoy the rain apart from all sorts of difficulties caused by rain as i always tend to welcome rain than being in sun 🙂

But i could find the rain got completely stopped for the past three days and am not sure what the reason is. Whatsoever the reason be i really miss rain 😦

I have captured few pictures of cloud just before the rain and the rain drops on the window sill 🙂 It was lovely looking at these and was a memorable one too 🙂

As far the news i heard of many cities flooded with rain water 😦 its so tragic to hear such news as there are less awareness among the people living around the slums and congested localities. There are thousands of habitats got washed away due to rain and even a large number of human lives have been washed away 😥

Though we have vast land resources we people do not tend to use those as it makes our travel a bit longer to our workplace, schools and colleges and we move into nearer localities which is highly congested due to over population. When a heavy rainfall occurs there are huge loss happening to these congested areas and people are been abandoned without clothing and shelter. Moreover its shocking to watch human beings washed away in rain.

The government should take on some necessary implementations and apart from these the fellow citizens are prone to high awareness about these as they must know the danger of flood and its causes. Its their own lives getting risked. We people have to spread out awareness to the people and i have started it today!!! Though i haven’t got any recognition from the people of my nearer locality regarding these awareness which i ensured them i hope it will be useful for them in terms of emergency 🙂 Hoping for a better living lets move forward 🙂