New Year

Perfect year of an imperfectionist!!!

It was 6.00A.M when I woke up. I found my mom waiting for breakfast already. She had a fracture in the right hand once again before a week and from then I’ve taken up the responsibility of my house. I finished doing the breakfast and fed her and started preparing for lunch. After some solid 4 hours I have completed with my works and returned to my room a bit tired. I am not used to such a lifestyle. I am a perfect example for an imperfect girl!



It’s been years since I’ve seen crack of dawn. I doze behind schedule as a rule. I am a slow-person you can call me lazy otherwise. I don’t have healthy eating habits. I am plump. I don’t dress well. I don’t take care of myself for good. I walk wobbly. I don’t study well. I’m not in the pink. I hate taking up responsibilities in households. I mess with my relationships. I speak rubbish. I don’t have long-lasting friends. I easily forget, dodge and hurt people. I suck at decision making. I’ve lost track of my career wondering over a pond of unbosoming flowers. I haven’t made my mother proud. A good number of guy’s hate me and so do a lot of girls and the reason is by and large known and hardly unknown too. I act weird more often than not. I am left good to stay alone. I am a spoiled kid now and then.

As like every other year, 2013 started with a new set of resolutions that are to be listed in not-to-be-overlooked-again-list. I had lost interest doing my course as I found the institution less worthy and so are the people around me. The month of February welcomed me with a series of unexpected events making me collapse. Losing 26k with my recklessness, following with my mom’s wrist fracture and relationship issues led me to a hell-lot-of-stress for more than 6months. I was losing faith in my life. I thought that 2013 hold up so much grudge over me and I was unsure of how long I could hold on to the last loop that binds me to the body and soul. The humans are uncertain about what the future beholds. Being a slow-on-the-uptake-person I was facing ups and downs every day. One day ends up serene while the other dawns skeptically ominous.

 But then things started taking good turns. There came few people like the arch-angels in the name of friends and brother. I was encouraged and helped out in making decisions. I shifted places. My days were getting better. I felt happy and blessed. I gained and lost people. I earned and broke trust. I was loved and being hated. But whatever happened I found myself turned out to be in high spirits. I didn’t regret anything and for anyone. I’ve been trying to start my quest of life. I am working on fulfilling my wishes.

Coming to the end of the year, I take this opportunity to thank every single person who made a huge impact over my life both in good and bad terms. I thank you for various experiences that make me a better person day after day.


I don’t predict future because my life has never been with a bed of roses and instead it was the thorn that pricks me whenever I tried to have the rose finally leaving me few petals on the struggle. So the perfect year 2013 comes to a perfect end for the imperfect girl. Looking forward for more thorns and roses.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!!!



New Year 2012!!!

Hello all,

Pardon me for sending belated New Year wishes… Got held up with few works this time… Hope its not too late yet…

Wishing each and every one of you and your family member’s

warm and cozy New Year

letting loads of joy and fun this year

with each of your most desired wishes to come true…

Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2012…

Today is the first working day of this year 2012 and its been quiet the same with no twists and turns yet 🙂 Hope there is something waiting for me to reach my wish this year both in personal life and professional life J Keeping my fingers crossed for newer challenges 🙂

Merry Christmas!!!

Ciao friends!!!

Its just 1 day more for Christmas! I could see each and every people around the world filled with Ecstasy and making preparations for the most awaited Christmas Eve…  I could sense the Christmas fever even in my city unusually high intimating the joy of this festive season. I am enjoying this revolution a lot though 🙂 🙂 🙂

So its me here to wish you all and your family members A MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂

Do enjoy this Christmas Eve with loads and loads of happiness 🙂 🙂 🙂

An Oath for 2012

Its gonna be yet another year of life I am given to live in this revolutionary world and trying to make my life a benchmarking one. As we always think of a New Year, each and every year we kind of think and wait over for it eagerly awaiting what’s the New Year has got to present for us. Though it might be good or bad all we need to do is accept the presents and learn to make it a valuable one wisely with faultless decisions. As it’s just this one year we might be experiencing certain rare happenings in our life and the next year there might be some other new experience might hang around.

Each and every moment must be treasured and wrapped up with a golden strand as these teaches us lots more valuable lessons in our life for future and also changes our life into a beautiful solace. It just depends on us what makes our life change into. So as usual at the end of the year here comes my New Year resolution which is listed to top 10 prioritized from high to low which is been given with high confidence that I can make it happen at-least this year 🙂

  1. Trim down my body weight (Though this was my top resolution for the past 3 years I was unable to achieve it due to my laziness and flexible nature when it comes to reduction of weight 😛 But once again this positions up to be the top resolution for the new year 2012)
  2. Settle on an ideal career (Though I love working in my present job as a Content Writer I do wish to make it much simple as this is not my cup of tea. So I am on another job hunt until I land up on the exact line of work I prefer which makes my career growth more simple and commendable one either in the field of teaching or serving people)
  3. Work on my intellectual performance like avoiding stress to overlap my mind, body and soul frequently and to reduce my angered attitude and this ends up hurting my loved ones at times.
  4. Work more on my topics to write on my blog (As I do not ever think of a topic precisely to write it as a post. I always tend to write what I get that instance which is making my blog less notable)
  5. Improvise my craft works with appropriate finding of materials and make out my crafts look out best for sale.
  6. Work more on my painting skills and clear out the losing grounds and hold grip on it.
  7. Learn to make out my own decision clearly forecasting the future consequences and letting no gap for anyone to insert their nose over my decision and prove it wrong.
  8. Making out a colossal choice of my life over marriage which must be my life’s worthy one as marriages are made in heaven and with just a minute slip it must not turn out to be a hell.
  9. Buy a DSLR cam which is my long yearning desire and hope 2012 might be a lucky one to get me one 🙂
  10. Finally thinking of changing my HP laptop and purchase a new laptop as my present one is half-dead with my long hour usage without a proper care over it.

Guys, do watch out for December 2012 and you can find me merely following few of these things… But well… actually… i have been thinking of seriously… yeah damn seriously… to follow these resolutions 😀