Mehendi Design !!!

Now its another post for my Mehendi Design ­čÖé Recently i did this┬áMehendi┬ádesign on my hand for the marriage of my sister… I really loved the work in my hand but it took me around an hour to complete it which was quiet exhausting ­čśŽ But i was much pleased to find the outcome of this the next day and i actually missed the take the picture of the outcome. Do pardon me friends…

And i have a lots more picture’s of the wedding which i will post it in few days ­čÖé ­čÖé ­čÖé

Mehendi Fever – 2

Yesterday was another┬áMehendi┬ámania which took over at my house ­čÖé Yes the two little┬áneighboring┬átots came over to my house for applying Mehendi from me. These two would never show up to my house in other times and would come over when they are in need of applying Mehendi. Yesterday i was really tired after a shopping which made me a bit hesitated to apply for them. But it was her B’Day which lead me to a compulsion to apply. Though i started without interest i did it quiet okay than my previous designs i guess ­čśŤ ­čśŤ

And today morning she came by my home for giving her B’Day sweets ­čÖé I wished her luck and took a picture of the┬áMehendi too ­čÖé

Know what? Apart from my Mehendi she was looking good indeed ­čśŤ

Mehendi Fever…

These days the neighbor girls are so eager to have Mehendi on their hands as there are more festivals and functions happening this season. And with these celebrations i have been burdened with this work apart from my routine works which make me tired these days. But what else can be done?

Here are few of my Mehendi designs ( Am just a beginner so advanced Mehendi designers pls pardon me )

It was done for a Puberty Function


For a Party - Simple

For a Party


For a Party


For a Party

This is for now… I’ll return back with another post on Mehendi’s the next time i do it… ­čÖé ­čÖé