Marriage advisers…

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Marriage…. A word which I am hearing very often these days from each and every single person I meet…

“Hey, when are you getting married?”

“Have you ever got an idea to get married?”

“What’s taking you so long to get married?”

“Are you in relationship with someone?”

“Do you have any problem with your horoscope?”

Many such questions from every single person, be it my friends, relatives, known or even unknown… But I am like “Hey, what’s wrong with you all… And why the hell should I get married so early when I have so much to do in my life”

Marriage is a word which has become kind of scary these days and it’s because of the various advices given to me without my consent…

Let’s look few of it…

Advice 1:

Some aunty from relation: Go to temple every day. Only God will help you get married soon. Try to continue fasting on shasti’s. It will help you give a very good husband just like you expected”

Me: Oh… Sure aunty! (Does God own any wedding consultancy or website where he helps girls pick up a bridegroom as they expect?) Instruction outlawed.

Advice 2:

Married Friend of Mine: “Hey you have so much of time for marriage so make a better choice unlike me. Try analyzing the assets and financial position of him and you need to know the entire background of him which will help you lead a peaceful life”

Me: What??? Am I taking a survey on the bridegroom’s financial position or am I going to be his wife? Its shocking that if every single girl chooses according to this and how would the guys with less financial state is gonna get married. Strongly disagree.

Advice 3:

Another married friend of mine: “Look, never marry a guy with in-laws and specifically who has a sister. My husband actually speaks for more than an hour with his sister every single day and it pisses me off. How on earth could I bear my husband speaking with other women in front of me for hours? At least you be careful in making a choice”

Me: OMG!!! Are you saying these for real? How the hell do you expect a brother and sister to not speak? And do you even have a mind… what on earth has got into you for comparing the siblings in such a bad term… Hope you get to live your life with sense of mind girl. Totally shocked and I never want to hear such instructions anymore because I love being a family.

Many such instructions are been given to me over my marriage and I think none of it is actually going to be happening with me.

Marriages are made with a sense of togetherness and not with the Pooja’s/Fastings, or Financial status or their family bond…. Follow your own instincts and not such annoying advises.

Best moment of an Indian bride….

I recently visited one of my best friend’s wedding…Its a traditional hindu brahmin wedding… 




And there i got to click this most awaited moment of every bride in India… Its the moment the groom wears the METTI in the toes of the bride in acceptance of the marriage… I guess its the best moment which every bride awaits for in her marriage… 

Mehendi Design !!!

Now its another post for my Mehendi Design 🙂 Recently i did this Mehendi design on my hand for the marriage of my sister… I really loved the work in my hand but it took me around an hour to complete it which was quiet exhausting 😦 But i was much pleased to find the outcome of this the next day and i actually missed the take the picture of the outcome. Do pardon me friends…

And i have a lots more picture’s of the wedding which i will post it in few days 🙂 🙂 🙂

Expressions – Photography Week!

Hello all,

I am back with my photography week challenge! Due to some personal issues with my system am not able to continue my Photography week for these days. Now am back with it Though its not the start of the week pardon me and enjoy my photographs 🙂

Please do comment on these both positive and negative comments are most welcome 🙂

I value each of your comments 🙂

The start of the Expression week photography challenge comes in with Shy!!!

Yes. Its the inborn asset of each and every human being. It do shown out at times though you all new well about it 🙂

This is the bride and groom having their lunch after their marriage 🙂 Look at their expression 🙂 So lovely huh 🙂 I just loved clicking this picture 😀

An outcome of Happiness – Shy!

An outflow of bliss – Shy!

An apparent relief from melancholy – Shy!

An intimacy towards their better-half – Shy!

A stubborn felling of love – Shy!

Divorces are made at hell…

Hello all,

I have recently seen people getting married and getting divorced sooner, not even waiting for an year of time. But why does this happen? It does not depend on the country or people with cultural differences. It happens due to the human minds getting dumped with various unwanted fantasies which leaves their marriage life a big question mark…

In older days people were aware of the customs and bonds a marriage offers the two within a relationship. The love, warmth, happiness, sacrifices, adjustments and many other criterion’s were merged together under a relationship. But in this modern era people run back of money, name and fame. They find their life is contented with such unrealistic pleasures which may pass away at a particular period of time. There is no eternity for these pleasures.

Once their time of unrealistic pleasures passes away they are left out alone with loads and loads of grief, fear and sadness filling their heart. There wont be any children or grandchildren to play with them, make them laugh, disturb them asking bedtime stories or walk them home from school. All that remins is a silent house, unspoken words and lacking eagerness for joy and pleasure.

Do the people who get divorces easily think of their family and kids? I hope the answer is a big NO. Once if there are some sort of arrogant or violent behavior from the partner there is a need for divorce which may act as a big relief to both the parent and the kid. But changing minds and acting irresponsibly by both leads the child to a state of psychological illness.

According to the Indian law the following aspects are been taken for divorce:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Cruelty
  • Impotency
  • Chronic Disease

Other than these any kind of act is not considered as an offence under the Divorce law.

Compared with other countries India has the lowest divorce rates says a survey. But it also emphasizes the fact that the divorce rates has increased double the amount over the last five years. We people are made into a bond to have a long and peaceful living. Keeping aside all our ego’s, worldly pleasures etc might make us have a stronger bond with love and affection. Love all and love your family above all 🙂 🙂 🙂