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Hi friends!!!

I have tried a different effect on the pictures i have taken recently. Guess this kind of effects comes out really well for few pictures and not all. I really enjoyed editing these 🙂 🙂 🙂 Do look over it and provide your valuable comments 🙂

The Dragonfly...

On a lonely afternoon...

The lonely deity

The tired family resting in shade...

Pets for Food !!!

I happened to visit a relative’s place a few days before for the funeral of my Uncle. I don’t have much attachment towards him or his family which may be of various reasons which will be hard to make it clear in a single post. So lemmie pass on to the post details.

I happened to be there for about two days. Apart from the various rituals and happenings around me i was been fascinated to capture few pictures as the place and the village was good actually. I also took a few pic’s of the pets at the house without anyone’s knowledge 🙂

This pretty lady was afraid of me i guess 😛 She took her babies out of my sight as soon as i neared them for clicking pic's 🙂 So cute 🙂

These lads were playing their interesting ( something of a secret) game unaware of me clicking their pic 🙂

These pets were bought up with one and only intention of killing it for food ( Sad right). Yeah in villages people grow up a number of Hens, Chicks and Goats for making it a food for their special occasions at times. Its sad to see these creatures and i felt pity for their short life 😦 😦 But there’s nothing i could do with these as the people wont ever hear me or stop eating these poor little pets…

The below given is the picture of a plant which produces a seed and people of these area used to add this seed to their gravy and make Sundaikkai Pullikulambu. The taste of the gravy will be actually mouth watering but these seeds will be bitter like Bitter-guard. Have to adjust with it as it has a high healthy aspect 😉


But to my great disappointment i was not allowed by my mother to take pictures as it might create a bad impression on me. So i returned home with disappointment and decided at-least to take few more pic’s the next time i go there 🙂 .