Cut copy and paste

Pretend. Relax. Enjoy.

Ha… It’s one of the best tip I need while am working at my office 😛 I used to have a pile of works to do each day based on the requisites. But at times like today I used to be damn free which takes me off to the world of boredom. As there is no accessing to social networking sites from my office I have to spend my time just surfing, surfing and surfing. This is the most hectic time making me so bored.

To make myself refreshing I used to visit various blogs, hear music online and at times do watch movies in YouTube. Though am aware that my organization might hack these I can’t resist this boredom which strikes me so hard. During these times I used to handle some techniques which you all might know well on how to pretend that your working seriously when actually you’re not 😀

  1. Always have a word file opened. When needed just click on Alt + Tab to switch over to the word file.
  2. Do copy and paste some of the texts in the word file related to your work. Pretend as if you are reading or writing some article about it.
  3. Place a writing pad by your side always. If you find someone passing by just pretend to write on it something seriously.
  4. Open multiple tabs on your PC just to avoid getting caught right there by the chief.
  5. Keep your desk messy always just to show off that you are under a hectic schedule.
  6. Try walking with a pile of folders at times to make others believe you are seriously working.
  7. Always look tired and exhausted at your workplace though you are full of energetic.
  8. Send the highly important mails to your boss at unusual hours showing off that you are too sincere and hard-working even in the midnight say about 12 P.M or 3 A.M.
  9. Use technical words while communicating with people in your office or at phones making them believe you are highly involved into your work (Though you don’t understand it 😛  )
  10. Finally sigh out loud when you are in a gathering with your peer group which is the biggest way to pretend how busy you are (Never mind of other people sigh as they might follow your technique too).
I follow these and it does work for me 🙂 What about you???
P.S: I used to prepare contents for my blog most of the time using word file 😀