63rd Republic Day of India 2012

Happy Republic Day wishes to all Indians from atinytoes!

Republic Day, celebrated on January 26th every year, is one of India’s most important national events. It was on January 26th, 1950 that the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly Sovereign, Democratic and Republic state.

On this day India finally enjoyed the freedom of spirit, rule of law and fundamental principle of governance. The patriotic fervor of the Indian people on this day brings the whole country together even in her embedded diversity.

Republic Day is a people’s day in a variety of ways:

It’s when regional identity takes a backseat and what matters most is the universal appeal of unity andbrotherhood projected by all Indians.

The Indian constitution basically stands for the aspirations which ‘the common man of India’ cherishes.

Republic Day is a day of the citizen of the country when he is entitled to be ‘all supreme’.

Republic Day is celebrated most majestically in the capital, New Delhi, where symbols of the great nation’smilitary might and cultural wealth are displayed in what is the world’s most impressive parade. All Government buildings are illuminated lending the city the atmosphere of a fairyland. This day is celebrated with much zeal and pride all across the nation.

Rajinikanth’s birthday 2011


Its the birthday of Super star Rajinikanth 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wish him a good health and a long life with many such birthdays to pass over 🙂 Happy Birthday Rajini sir 🙂

Yesterday I was busy posting some other posts which I had in my drafts and the fact that I totally forgot that it’s the birthday of the super hero of South India Mr.Rajinikanth. But for a sad part when I regained my senses to know that it was his birthday I was hooked up with pile of work which made me post this today. Anyhow it is not so late to wish him and write a post on him I guess.

Anyhow, when speaking of Rajinikanth I always do not admire him or go crazy over his style. All I do watch it was he is a good actor just like Mr. Shivajiganesan. Though at times I feel both of them overact in some sequences I must agree they are greatest actors I admire. And Mr.Kamalhasan goes in that list too. But I do wonder few things apart from their acting and I am kept back for a surprise and even learned few things from Rajinikanth which I have stated below:

  1. First of all, I admire his background. Being a common man and as a bus conductor how was he able to become an important nerve of human souls in not even India but the whole world? Its just so surprising isn’t it… First thought I would get is “Oh man he is lucky and that’s why he is so popular”. But is that what is all about being lucky. When thinking deep I can identify the efforts, hard work, patience and most of all the sincerity in each of his work has gained him such name and fame which is undoubtedly he deserves it right. Hats off to him 🙂
  2. The second is “How can a person be so modest and well-mannered? Apart from all these fame how come he balances his mind and heart which will try to rule over him with bigheaded? I do admire Rajinikanth and BigB for this attitude to keep calm and simple without much showing off in any of the places even though they are an important person in the whole fan community and to be on the most shocking side they have a huge fan base that are even ready to die for them. (Ufff…. Guess am jealous and I too sometimes dream of having a tiny fan team for me which might be an enjoyable dream he he he)
  3. With so much of fan power and prominence around the world how are these guys still trying to act in films instead of jumping into politics and earn a huge sum of amount for them and their family? Guess they have earned more than enough for about 10 generations in the film industry alone. Or they might have thought “Why the hell should I make my life complicated by getting into such posts and turn over the peaceful life to a hectic one?” Or they could have really thought as “Being familiar and living in the hearts of the people is more than enough and why can’t we do people good by being in this position itself?”What so ever be their thought all I think is I just love you guys for this one big reason for not entering into politics. (I think so coz though when the people think they could do them good and even they think of doing good to people few top politicians might not let it happen as they always try to buy them for their own good which makes these person’s life a real hell)


Anyhow whatsoever be the pros and cons of being a big super star I love the way he presents him to the fellow people 🙂 So long live Rajinikanth 🙂 Happy Birthday to him once again for his 62nd birthday 🙂 🙂 🙂

A dream trip to Kerala!

Ahhh…. The title itself might have informed you what am gonna write in this post… Yes! Its absolutely about the most beautiful state of India – Kerala! I always used to remember the green and subtle beauty of that state when ever i hear of its name.

Though i haven’t visited all the cities in Kerala i do have visited Cochin and few places during my childhood which i even don’t remember… All i remember is the breezy and cool weather that makes my day brighter and greener surroundings that makes my life colorful 🙂 🙂 🙂 I always love being in such kind of weather which makes the month of November – January the most favorite and cheerful time of my year 🙂 So am in the happy period of this year absolutely 🙂

During my college days few of my friends got to visit Kerala on an Industrial visit and they did went for Munnar… That was one such place an eagerly waiting to visit for the past few days. I asked them for the pictures of each place they go for in Kerala and Munnar to watch the beauty at-least in Photographs until i get a chance to visit those places 🙂

I hereby offer you few of the pictures taken in Kerala for you 🙂 If you haven’t visited yet then pls do take a vacation to Kerala 🙂 🙂 🙂

The hill on the way to Munnar

This was taken while they were on a boat ride in the lake

This was taken in a nursery

This is the vehicle they traveled up in the mountain for falls...

The dam

visit to cochin harbor

The Ship

The camp fire

The water mixed with some medicinal ingredient to make it healthy...

These are few pictures of the most magnificent Kerala’s nature 🙂 🙂

Leading India!!!

We are human beings in general. Though differentiated with country, cast and creed we need to indulge basic humanities and morals to lead our life honest and successful. But we mostly do not even possess basic thought of “Making Things Happen” with love, care, affection, team work and above all a bonding with our fellow people and our Motherland.

When i saw this video i was mind-struck with the act of this cute little one when there are a huge bunch of people in the scene without a sense of caring for their own people and country. We people should develop our bonding with each and everyone we see in our daily walks of life making us care for everything with humanity that happens around us 🙂

Love the making of this ad with humanity 🙂

The below are few other ad’s that are must watched by all on my list:

Though we have come across these ad’s in our lives in some sort of time we have not taken it into a biggest consideration. When i have it as a collection in my list i find myself ashamed of not considering my people, my siblings, my parents, my sons & daughters and my mother India! Not only Indians must be lead through by Education, but also through values and morals. Changing my thoughts and belief’s on the world to a newer horizon of bonding with each other with humanity and leading India is also my prime goal!!! Jai Hind!!!


I am not a Keralite to celebrate Onam festival. But i like onam and love to be a part of it. Though i haven’t got any chance of such a participation i am hoping to get in future 🙂 🙂 🙂

This little guy is a neighbor of me who is originally from Kerala. But they haven’t celebrated onam as they live here and none of their relatives are near them. But they prepared some sweets and his parents dressed him up in this costume… Doesn’t he look good??? Guess he is looking cute in this after-all he was not interested to pose my picture with a smile. Never mind still he is cute 😀