Epic of Love!!!

Dad why don’t you try to understand us. We haven’t done anything crime. Please dad we love each other for the past 5 years and you knew it well. Why can’t you accept us dad?” pleaded Janaha with tears running down all over her face.

Just forget that rouge you idiot. I am just leaving you alive based on some kindness as you are my daughter. Get out of my sight and never again speak of him” yelled Vasudev at his daughter.

Dad please. It’s been 5 long years ever since we started begging for our life and why can’t you even consider us once in your life? How long do you think of house-arresting me? Though we both knew everything what you’re been doing to separate us, we trust each other and thus our love becomes stronger each and every day not even seeing each other for the past 8months.

Shut up your blabbering and go in Janaha. Don’t make me take a tough decision

What do you mean by tough decision dad? Are you gonna kill me?

I said you to go in now!

Stop it dad. I’m done with all your dramatic expressions. Why don’t you act a bit human? Whats your problem dad? Mithun is our neighbor and you knew him well from his childhood. And above all he is our caste too. What is that hinders you from accepting our love. It’s just your useless ego that made us shed tears with all the tortures that we’ve been through. Everything has a limit dad. He means a lot to me. And now do listen carefully dad. I love him and I no more gonna wait for your approval. It’s my life and being 24 years of age I have the sole right to take my own decision. I waited so long for your approval but everything went in vein. So I’ve made my decision and I need you to get to know this dad

Well done my girl. That takes a lot of courage to you to speak up to your dad like that. I’d appreciate it. But don’t act lame and just get to bed now. I can find you all grown up now and stand here threatening your dad but you haven’t understood the fact that you can never do anything that makes me or my prestige by letting it down. I am least cared about your immature love feelings and all. Now go to your bed” ordered Vasudev in a mystifying tone.

Janaha knew it well that there is nothing gonna change her dad anyways. So she decided to elope with Mithun finally with everything kept ready before hand with a secret message which she passed out to her love a week before. And for a final try she was standing there pleading her dad for his acceptance. Finding her dad’s decision she left to her room silently and locked her up as usual and started to wait for the time to struck 1 a.m.

And the time has come. The clock struck 1 a.m. and Janaha got up from her bed and tried to elope through the secret passage which Mithun has made for her escape. He is been waiting on the other end of the passage for more than a hour restless with fear running all over his veins and when he saw the clock striking 1 a.m. his heart begun pounding as though it might jump off through his mouth.

Janaha kept each of her steps with more care and made sure that nobody watches her until she reaches that passage. Once she reached the passage she is free from worries as none of their family can find that passage so easily. She was moving ahead with a nostalgic feeling that was filled over her whole body and she was sweating like a dead meat with all the fear in her heart.

All of a sudden she experienced an electric shock that passed over her body and she fell down to the ground with a loud noise. Unluckily she had stepped on the electric wire which is been kept half done. Somehow she managed to get up and move forward to the passage. In the mean time hearing the noise her dad and her brother got up and came out looking for the reason and found her trying to escape.

Vasudev and Varun went to the peak of rage and they caught her red-handed and dragged her inside the home.

You little brat. How dare you try to elope with that worthless fellow by cheating us? Who gave you so much courage to do this? Is it Mithun? Now its time for me to payback to both of you. Enough of my lenience. Even if I don’t react now, I have to stand mortified in front of my relatives and friends because of you. Varun get that venom from the freezer.” Yelled Vasudev at his son.

Dad, are you serious? Should I really take it?” asked varun puzzled.

Yes varun. I mean it. Just do what I say and no more questions

Ok dad” said Varun and bought the venom.

After all these fury Janaha made no hustle and she stood there tough.

Look at her. How stubborn she is? It’s not going to happen any better leaving her alive. She will be creating shame to us and our family only” saying so Vasudev compelled her to drink the venom and he threw it away emptying the full content of the venom into her throat.

Janaha was still brave and she didn’t make any move for rescuing herself. Instead she spoke her last words with much strain which made her father turn pale.

Bravo dad. You’ve done it. You have succeeded in you ego and useless stature. But you know what? Even now I have won the battle. You can kill me now but you cannot stop me and Mithun living happily after our death. And just remember dad. Lovers die and not the true love and it lives forever. Am proud of dying for the sake of our great love. Thanks dad” saying so died Janaha creating an epic for her true love.

Mithun stood there, on the other side of the passage, waiting for Janaha’s arrival till the crack of dawn with a lot of emotions and thoughts running through his mind. Hearing the expression of grief from Janaha’s mom he rushed in her home and found Janaha lying there speechless and frozen. Thus ended his life of joy and pleasure and unable to take over the huge shock he turned out to be upset mentally and he was found laying over the grave of Janaha for 4 long years unaware of who he is and where he is and finally one day his soul left his body and united with his love after so long years of battle and rivalry. Thus lived the most beautiful lovers of the earth blissfully ever after in the kingdom of heaven without any interference.

Note: This is an actual anecdote of a couple, who are a relative of mine, who lived in interiors of South India in early 80’s where the caste and status played the major role in the minds of human beings. I have heard a lot about them and their sufferings to succeed in love from my parents which is so hard to put into words and thus I have made it in short and presented it for all of you on this Valentines Day. This post is dedicated to both of them and I hope they will still love each other. Happy Valentines Day!

Heart wrecked!

I was reading a story in which the male lead was presenting a gold chain with a pendant which the female lead was craving to have it for such a long time. The writer of that story has narrated the happiness that female lead was enjoying that time and that gave me a nostalgic feeling though.

My mind raced back a year before where I stood in front of him with a kind of volcanic eruptions inside my mind and heart thumping over to my feet with  feeling of numbness taking over my whole body. That was the day I was bought to this world, and each year would be a happier one, unlike that day. Yeah. It was the day when my heart broke into infinity pieces which I felt so hard to gather it to its bits and pieces and yet searching for the missed ones.

I was an easy going girl with no worries surrounded with beautiful family and loving friends. I never had thought of such a day where I would be betrayed by my own so called best-friend, Kevin. I and Kevin were friends for around 4 years and he was my best buddy with whom I share each and every moment whether it’s better or bitter. But he being such an insane guy who was obsessed and possessive over me made up stories about us into relationship knowing that I never had thought of him in such a way. This made me heartbroken and I never again dared to trust a guy anymore.

And after the break up of our so-called-relationship, here I stand in front of him after 4 long months with nostalgic feelings erupting inside my heart.

Sherly please wait up for a sec!”

Whats your problem kevin?”

Sherly. Just relax. I know I am such a jerk and you wont ever forgive me. But please remember that its your birthday today. Have you erased the good old memories and fun we had together in the past years?”

Look Kevin. I am not a retard. I do remember everything and which is the only reason I still stand here speaking up to you though I like it or not” I busted out outrageously onto him.

Hmmm think your still in a high rage with my behavior. But you know what? I don’t feel guilty for it and I just wanted it to be true with us into a relationship Sherly. I felt as if you were onto a part of my life and I couldn’t even imagine a world of mine without you in it

That’s right. I know you wouldn’t be guilty forever. You can have all kind of imaginations as its your sole freedom. But who ought you the right to gamble my life with a fake correlation among our college mates

I don’t think it’s a fake one. I felt it true with my heart full of love for you. Please don’t avoid me Sherly

What? You don’t think it’s a fake one? It doesn’t mean that we are into a relationship with you thinking so. If you are true onto your love why haven’t you had the guts to say me instead of spreading rumors like a coward?” the words came out fierce from me and I didn’t have a control over my mind, heart or my tongue afterall.

Sherly I have not come here to argue with you. And I also knew that you wouldn’t understand my love. But am sure that one day you will come back to me with your heart full of love. But am now here to wish you A Very Happy Birthday

God! You are so insane. I don’t need your wishes. Just leave me alone Kevin” saying so I started walking back to my home from the terminals.

Suddenly he held my hand tight not letting me go from him with a raised voice “Wait up Sherly!”

That’s it. I couldn’t take it. The people around begun staring at us who made me feel awkward. “Leave me Kevin. Please. People out there are staring at us. Don’t create a scene

No. I need you to listen to me. I just came here to wish you and offer you my present. Just take it Sherly. I mean it

I don’t need anything Kevin. I would be happy if you let my hands off now

No Sherly. I can’t. Just open it up and see what’s waiting for you in there. And I bet you wont speak up like this any longer

Am not fascinated for any of your presents Kevin. All I expected from you is the true friendship and trust within us. It all ended up right there when I found your betrayal to the one you loved

I didn’t betray you. What’s that for now? Let me say it myself. It’s a Gold chain with the beautiful pendant which you once loved to buy on our shopping. I specially bought it for you hoping that you would be pleased Sherly. Just open it and see. Your anger might flew away in no time

Hey Kevin. Say you what. You are not sure about what you are upto and you just don’t have a damn idea about love. You have a mere fatal attraction towards me and please don’t define it as love. Love doesn’t come over presenting a gold pendant. That doesn’t prove your love. It proves your male-chauvinism. Do you think I’ll forgive you for everything you’ve done me for the sake of this gold jewel. You are in the wrong place with a wrong attitude. Mind yourself. Am just ashamed of being your friend for the past 4 years. I don’t need a person who values me with a gold jewel but I really love the one who cares me with the trust and love. No matter what you do in your life, be true to the one you love and sure you’ll be loved in return. I am no more in your sick life and goodbye once for all to you and your damn jewel” saying so I flipped my hands from him ferociously and started walking back towards my house.

After a year of this confrontation when I get to remember this incident I still have a nostalgic feeling over it and my heart weighs a lot more than usual and tear drops fall off my eyes thinking of the day I broke up with my so-called-best-friend. And never I can hate him and still love him for no reason with those lost bits and pieces of my heart as a good old Friend.

“A relationship doesn’t always need to be treasured with precious possessions but what matters is a beautiful heart which values people and their love. “


Part – II

The birds were chirping and spreading away the morning glee to each one of their breed while the mesmerizing crack of dawn kissed her body tenderly bringing her to this planet along with the gentle breeze combing her hair strands making her feel good after a long days rest.

Her eyes did not co-operate well and she found it harder to open her eyelids as they were so heavy and painful.She somehow managed to open her eyes and found that she was left alone in a well sophisticated room with a cushioned bed neatly covered till the edges in mild shade on which she was laying with a bed sheet wrapping around her until her chest which was soothing her body from the winter chillness and a perfectly arranged heap of pillows placed on to the edge of the cot with a well groomed sofa set around the left corner of the room in front of which was a new branded television and to the right corner of the room was the dressing table with a splendid glass etching and a wooden door with the ancient sandalwood carving with a beautiful lady speaking with a peacock which portrays to be so realistic.

Watching all these around her in bits and pieces with amusement and not sure where she is and what happened to her she tried remembering what had happened to her and the next moment something set on her nerve indicating a sharp sense of alert and she started examining her whole body and when she found she was completely normal she gave a sigh of relief.

Suddenly the door was sprung open and in a matter of second she tried standing on her leg towards the corner of the bed frightfully and the next second she found a thin woman of 40years walking towards her smiling and holding a silver tray with a glass and a milk jug and placed the tray on the table and started speaking.

“Good morning madam. Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah. But may I know where I am and whose place this is?”

“You are at Mr.Navin Ramsay’s guest house madam. You were found lying over his construction site two days before and the watchman informed our him about it. So he asked you to admit in his friends hospital and treated you”

“But how come I came here?”

“The hospital authorities doesn’t allow you to stay there as there has to be a person looking after you constantly and so saab said to shift you to his guest house from the hospital and informed me to look over you.” Saying these she poured the milk into the cup and added two large cubes of sugar to it and mixed it until the sugar dissolved and held it to her to drink.

“Oh…” she mechanically got the milk and tasted it as she wanted to have something warm so badly after all starving for two long days.

“And when will your boss come here. Because I owe him a lot and I at-least need to thank him and start on my way as soon as possible”

“He is quiet busy with his works madam. He was here this morning to know whether you were okay and as you were in deep sleep he didn’t want to disturb you and just instructed me to take care of you”

“That’s so kind of him. But I feel better now. Why should I still stay here bothering you all. Do you have his number so that I could contact him”

“Relax madam. He will be here soon by this evening probably to check over you. And its his strict orders to make you comfortable until you are perfectly alright” said Mrs. Lakshmi with a pleasing smile.

“That is an impossible one to make me perfectly alright” she said with a low voice.

“Don’t worry madam. You will be okay soon. I’ll take good care of you”

“That’s so kind of you madam”

“Please. Do not call me as madam. Call me as Mrs. Lakshmi. Am just a care taker here”

“Hmmm but you are really the one who’s taking care of me after a very long time” saying she placed the cup on the tray with much care.

“Madam shall I ask you one thing?”

“Of course you can ask me whatever you like” said she with a tiring smile.

“Why hasn’t anyone came looking for you since two days?”

“I guess they don’t need me anymore” said she with tear drops that glittered around the corners of her eyes and eventually fell over her cheek.

“Madam don’t cry. I am extremely sorry for bothering you”

“Please do not call me madam anymore. You are in my mother’s age and I feel inconvenient when you call so. Just call me Maya”

“Okay Maya. Take rest if you feel tired and I will prepare breakfast and wake you up”

“Okay. Shall I call you maa?”

“Of course betti with pleasure”

“Thanks maa” said Maya with boundless cheer that energized her body and soul after so many long years.

To be continued… 


Hello all!

Its a brand new start for my creative writing 🙂 Eager to know what its all about??? (Though your not eager please do act so 😀 )

Am gonna start writing a story series 🙂 Its the idea which I’ve been thinking for so long but was not really into it… But suddenly had an intuition of writing one on my own. So here comes “SERENDIPITY” my first story series…

Do read it and post your most valuable comments 🙂 I am all ears for comments 🙂


Part – I

It was a sun-drenched summer afternoon where the sunbeams are wrapping the whole city with its fiery temperature and manifestly passing its rays of heat violently on each part of her body. She was been sitting there for hours without any progress both physically and mentally. It was the building which is under construction that’s located next to her house. No sign of human was found in the construction site which braved her to move along the solitude place till the terrace for blow-dry her mind from things that had ended before her before an hour for which she was helpless.

It’s been so long she had been through this and an evil mind of hers started playing tricks over her by insisting her all the pessimistic effects of her life and forced her for a suicide attempt. On the other hand as natural her angelic mind bought back all the good old memories and pleaded her to stay alive. And alas! In a fraction of time no one can ever imagine it and there she was lying on the terrace of the building in the construction site fainted. Not sure how many hours she lay down there as such. At sunset the watchman who was checking over the building noticed her lying over there unmoving.

There she lay motionless. Her face was as pale as the white Lilly with few droplets of sweat over her face due to the struggle just like the morning dew that got settled over the petals of the flower. She had a slender forehead with strands of her hair falling over till her fluffy cheeks with two romantic eyes which would easily make anyone fall for her. Her rose-tinted skin texture made her look immensely beautiful even in her sick-bed.

She woke up hearing the sudden sound of the nurse’s whispering. She found that she was been hospitalized. A pair of blue uniformed nurse’s was chit-chatting sitting around the corner of the single bedded hospital room. The fierce smell of the medicines caught her nostril which wasn’t quiet pleasing to her breath and all of a sudden she started to trouble for breathing. Her entire body started trembling as if she was in to an electric shock.

The nurse’s rushed to the bed hearing the sudden and intense thud of her body and begun their first aids rapidly by placing the oxygen tube around her nostrils and checking the pulse rate on the other side. One of the nurses was treating her and the other hurried to inform the chief doctor about her sudden change. But unfortunately the chief doctor went for lunch and so the nurse went checking for the general practitioner who was on duty at that afternoon. Hearing the news he agreed and soon he was there in her room treating her unstable state and after an hour of struggle she was back to normal.

“Where are the patients relatives? Why come there isn’t anyone here?” asked Dr.Mittal.

“No one came looking for her since yesterday evening Doctor” said nurse Rejina.

Dr: “Then how come she was admitted here?”

Nurse: “An old lad admitted her saying that he doesn’t know who she is and found lying unconscious on the building he was guarding. He also said he would inform to the land owner and visit her today. But nobody turned up since then”

Dr: “My goodness. So if she is fall into a critical situation how can we make our next move without consulting her relatives? Call that person who admitted her immediately and inform him to meet me within evening. And continue her trips and let the oxygen tube be till morning as she suffers to breathe well.”

Nurse: “Okay Doctor Saab”

To be continued…