A Feast !!!

Hello all!!!

After 3 long years i met my good old friends a few weeks back and had a good time with them together πŸ™‚ It was such a lovely and memorable day which can never be erased from my heart forever πŸ™‚ Thanks all for making be a happy person and love ya πŸ˜€

The get-together was arranged by a good friend of mine. She was already married and her hubby made all the arrangements for us to meet. So sweet of them πŸ™‚

We reached the reserved Hotel by 11 in the morning. It was such a quiet and peaceful place that was portraying as also the best place for a hangout for friends. As you all know we girls made lots of hussy fussy and made a huge mess around the hotel corridor. A few people who came there to have a peaceful lunch was irritated by our mess. Sorry guys !!!

After a long chit chat with our friends we had to move on for having our lunch which was planned to have a meal as it was ordered already. Whatsoever the lunch may be we all are least concerned of it. All we want is to spend a valuable time with our lovable friends. So we had the lunch at 4 in the evening and i took few snaps which i need to keep it as a memorable one πŸ™‚

The most interesting part in the meet is that many of my friends were married and they came with their kids. But for our disappointment the kids where terrified seeing a huge crowd of girls and started crying for help. Poor little ones!!! So they were sent home with their hubby’s and we really had a great deal of time to spend with our dear ones after a long gap. Was more excited and happy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Friends make our life colorful and they bring sunshine to our life πŸ˜€

We started our lunch with a celebration!!!

Guess none of us tasted it even a bit and instead it was fully covered up over our face πŸ˜€

Then comes the lunch πŸ™‚

Starting of with the soup(Guess its tomato soup. Found it by seeing this pic πŸ˜› )

Its a kind of masala papadam i guess (Not sure ! )

This was the complete lunch pack with an extra bowl of rice. It wasn’t good but we had a fulfilled lunch with our good old friends… πŸ™‚

The fact is i had food poison after eating this lunch. But still i love the day and the amount of fun we had πŸ™‚

P.S : I returned back home only at with a mild sadness that got hold of my heart.

Raw Fruit…

The fruit

The fruit

The fruit

Can you guess what fruit it is??? Its a Dry Fruit…

Many of you might know this but i knew it only a few days back…

Its the Raw Dates…

In-spiteΒ of the various healthy aspects of Dates to the human beings this raw dates adds an extra nutritive benefits when its consumed raw. It tastes sweet and a bit sticky and its unbelievable that its been available in my city too these days… I have heard it been available in Metropolitan cities…

Anyways i got to taste this fruit which was so nice but a bit costly πŸ˜‰