A transition…

Hello people!!!

I have finally joined in my aspiring course MSW (Masters of Social Work). I was having so many ideas running through my mind once I got relieved from my job. But since my childhood I was aspiring to become a social worker and once when I grew up I found MSW as a course which concurs with my long-lasting wish.

As a result of it obviously I went for an admission with MSW course and waiting for the college to get started with a new phase of my life. This is how I was thinking until I joined this course. But in this few days of time I realized few totally diverse thoughts about me and my ideas and guess this was really a transaction phase of my life. The few questions that I asked myself are:

  • What am I really gonna do by learning this course?
  • Am I gonna do social service to the people through this learning process?
  • But why can’t I do it by being in some other work?
  • Is it really necessary to stop working and go in for learning?
  • And by learning this will I be able to serve people better?

I was such a naïve for all these days and even now. I am really not able to take a right decision I guess. But what so ever be the result is I have decided to go on with my studies and once decision is made there must not be any looking back. And the answers for these questions are:

  • I always thought of helping and serving people. But never really had chance to do it nonchalantly. Though I am basically a person who would go for help voluntarily and at times I even put in few extra taken for fulfilling my wishes by going to orphanages and old age homes, I have no clear approach of how to move with people and handle all kind of people by handling my work with service and it directed me to minor time utilization for my obsession of serving. So by joining this course I would not have any work related stress and with some extra time usage I would be able to concentrate on my passion and make myself fit in right along with it.
  • Service basically doesn’t depend on the work or place or time a person is in. But it’s the effort he puts in whole heartedly in serving to his fellow people right from his own family and friends. Though I knew these well, I still wanted to make myself dedicated to my passion than running around for unrealistic money which weighs human beings these days despite of a persons character, love and affection towards each other even though they are our own family.

Being a girl I have limited space to move on in this society but being a human being I have this whole world to wrap it under my love and affection. Thus this is quiet a transition in my life.

Your valuable suggestions are always accepted whole heartedly… 🙂

Wish me luck guys!!!

Sitting is killing you!

Hello all!

Last night i received a mail from my good old friend 🙂 Glad that after so long she mailed me. But when i opened up i found a picture with a simple message. The message is “Hey watch out this and stop sitting down and instead roam around your office baby that’ll make you look and feel better”. Grrrr… Though i was heated up in that instance i found that the picture portray’s a simple yet valuable message for a person like me always sitting in front of the PC for more than 12 hours a day… I got relaxed and found this useful too 🙂 Thus I’ve posted it here and guess people like me around the world can get benefited too 🙂

I also got another picture added with this. Its totally about the various tips provided for making your heart healthy… 🙂

14th November 2011

Today is November 14th…. Hmmm what does the first and foremost thing that strikes your mind??? Ahhh…. That’s it! Its the Children’s day!!! If you are an Indian you would remember this first of other happenings of this day! Its the birthday of our Chacha Nehru / Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru… Yes… No one can forget this famous personality who bought a big change in our country for freedom and who is lovable towards the children all his life 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happy Birthday chacha Ji 🙂

The next comes the most important and the biggest medical issues that is rocking the whole world. Its the World Diabetics Day! World Diabetes Day raises global awareness of diabetes – its escalating rates around the world and how to prevent the illness in most cases. Started by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and WHO, the Day is celebrated on 14 November to mark the birthday of Frederick Banting who, along with Charles Best, was instrumental in the discovery of insulin in 1922, a life-saving treatment for diabetes patients. WHO estimates that more than 346 million people worldwide have diabetes. This number is likely to more than double by 2030 without intervention. Almost 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

The next most historic event that happened on this day is Apollo 12, the second manned mission to the surface of the moon, is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, with astronauts Charles Conrad, Jr.; Richard F. Gordon, Jr.; and Alan L. Bean aboard. President Richard Nixonviewed the liftoff from Pad A at Cape Canaveral. He was the first president to attend the liftoff of a manned space flight. On 19th November, the landing module Intrepid made a precision landing on the northwest rim of the moon’s Ocean of Storms. About five hours later, astronauts Conrad and Bean became the third and fourth humans to walk on the surface of the moon. During the next 32 hours, the two astronauts made two lunar walks, where they collected lunar samples and investigated the Surveyor 3 spacecraft, an unmanned U.S. probe that soft-landed on the moon in 1967. On 24th November, Apollo 12 successfully returned to Earth, splashing down only three miles from one of its retrieval ships, the USS Hornet.

Have a Happy November 14th people 🙂 🙂 🙂

Rainy Afternoons!

For the past few afternoons i could continuously see the cloud pouring its heavenly water into this world for making the people free from famine with agricultural irrigation’s. But i also found the clouds being overwhelming and pouring out each and every day making a huge fuss over the city by delaying the works of the fellow citizens. Mine too 😦 But i did enjoy the rain apart from all sorts of difficulties caused by rain as i always tend to welcome rain than being in sun 🙂

But i could find the rain got completely stopped for the past three days and am not sure what the reason is. Whatsoever the reason be i really miss rain 😦

I have captured few pictures of cloud just before the rain and the rain drops on the window sill 🙂 It was lovely looking at these and was a memorable one too 🙂

As far the news i heard of many cities flooded with rain water 😦 its so tragic to hear such news as there are less awareness among the people living around the slums and congested localities. There are thousands of habitats got washed away due to rain and even a large number of human lives have been washed away 😥

Though we have vast land resources we people do not tend to use those as it makes our travel a bit longer to our workplace, schools and colleges and we move into nearer localities which is highly congested due to over population. When a heavy rainfall occurs there are huge loss happening to these congested areas and people are been abandoned without clothing and shelter. Moreover its shocking to watch human beings washed away in rain.

The government should take on some necessary implementations and apart from these the fellow citizens are prone to high awareness about these as they must know the danger of flood and its causes. Its their own lives getting risked. We people have to spread out awareness to the people and i have started it today!!! Though i haven’t got any recognition from the people of my nearer locality regarding these awareness which i ensured them i hope it will be useful for them in terms of emergency 🙂 Hoping for a better living lets move forward 🙂