Another happenstance

Yet another encounter with a filthy minded person. But now I realize that it’s not gonna change or stop with me posting over things like this. Instead it’s me who has to get changed. Am tired of my scaredy-cat attitude. I figured it out that unless I change me no one or not a single thing is going to be changed in my life. When I faced that thing this time I had a friend who immediately advised to react. But me being a coward couldn’t even voice up for myself and was giving some lame excuses though I knew it’s not worth it.

Another friend of mine said “Hey you are a worthless soul and you are not meant to live alone. Try to get married to someone and be a mollycoddled wife just like how you were bought up as a pampered child all these years”

I knew am not a gutsy person. Every time I am encountered with such things I would keep on thinking over it for days and I would even practice how to react and how to teach those rouges a lesson.

But at last everything goes in vein when I am left in such a situation. I get all panicky and start sweating like hell and I can’t even bear the sound of my own heart beat’s which will haunt my brain and make me bland. I even go blurred at times.

What a kind of reaction is this am reciprocating for a filthy act? I haven’t understood it till now. But if not am changing then one fine day I may be deteriorated. And am certain am not gonna let such a thing happen to me.


So this is one last time of me, the scaredy-cat, taking an oath to turn out gutsy and smack those scalawags without a second thought.

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