Silly pleas of a naive…

“Ma I feel like I’ve got fever”

“Ma I feel like vomiting”

“Ma I have severe stomach ache”

“Ma I feel dizzy”

And the list of my Silly plea’s gets extended each and every day until I have completed my 10th grade at school. I was a below average student until my 10th grade and I was the best example of a student who wants to get away from that student life which was considered to be a HELL by most of the students and myself as well.

The above given are few reasons or excuses I would quiet often give my mother in order to stay at home. But who might not know about us and our silly excuses. My mother was such a clever women who would never make me take leave on even special occasions.

“Its ok dear. I’ll give u tablet for fever and you’ll be okay in a fraction of minute”

“Oh… Is it so… Don’t worry betti… I’ll give the kashayam and you won’t ever feel vomiting”

These are the instant answers she might have for making me stop acting and go off to school the next second as am not really interested in taking medicines and some kashayam’s which would taste like some mud.

Apart from these there are so many silly reasons I have said to my mother, and when I get to remember those now, I can’t stop laughing over my innocence and stupidity.

Once I was asked to get something from my relative who lives in the next street. And I reached their home around 11 in the morning. They have two kids and me being a girl who loves to play was so happy seeing them and forgot the reason why I went there and instead I started playing with them. The time rolled over and it was around 2 in the afternoon when my mother came to their home searching for me. That’s it. I was into a big shock seeing my mother because only then I remembered the reason I have went there. The next minute I started crying with fear and ran towards her saying “Ma, they only made me to play with them. I was not at all playing, I was simply looking at them play” like that and lots more silly blah blah’s which my mother was least cared of listening to those. And you might have guessed the beatings and scolding’s I would have got from my lovable mother.

Many such silly plea’s are stored in each and every single of our memories making those moments a treasure chest to be kept safe throughout our lives… But we are grown up and these days there are no silly plea’s instead there is lies, hatred, commands and arguments which makes every single of our relationship like a wrecked ship. And everyone of us are searching for ways of handling our relationships and guess we would get the answers soon.

Have a lovely week ahead with your dear and near ones 🙂 

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