Cryptic laws of India…

Where on the world are we living in?

Once I was proud and happy to name it as INDIA… And still I am in some situations. But the recent trend of few culprits has made me think of where I was living all these years…

Incident 1:

2 women was tied up in the middle of the street and beaten for trying to steal from a house. They were beaten severely by the citizens and the media covered them getting beaten and finally after half a day of punishment they were handed to the police.

Incident 2:

As you all know, a young girl of 23 was been raped by a gang of 6 men on a running bus and she is in comma after 2 major surgeries. And the culprits were caught and provided with long term imprisonment.

These are the two incidents which made me fear of living in this country for sure. What is the kind of law do we follow in this country? Are we still having any right to claim India as a Democratic country which servers FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE ANDTO THE PEOPLE… I seriously doubt it…

With regard to the first incident:

When there is a huge corruption or theft happening with regard to the 2G spectrum issue in India there wasn’t any single citizen who had the guts to catch the person responsible for that corruption and punish him. Everyone was watching the television and exclaiming about the loop holes in our Indian law which made those culprits escape from the verdict of law. But the coward citizens have caught 2 women who tried to loot and had beaten them so hard. Is this the place to show your guts? By beating tat 2 women do these men think they have lifted up India to a step forward? NEVER…

With regard to the second incident:

Hell no!!! I do live in a place where a girl has no freedom even to travel alone in a private bus that too in the capital of India. Bharathiyar, the great poet, said the freedom of India can be celebrated only when a young girl is allowed to walk in the road in midnight with full of jewels and her virginity kept safe till she returns to her home. But that man and his sayings are never gonna become true in our holistic country. Each and every day the urge for unrealistic body pleasure is growing more in the minds of Indian men. What has caused such a degrading change to our society? Hell only the GOD knew it…
After this big crime a culprit finds himself guilty and shameful for doing do and he wished to be hanged. Ha ha ha what a joke… Is he making fun of the Indian constitution who works with the very old laws and says that the law cannot be changed for few crimes and so they cannot be hanged and instead has offered them a long term imprisonment or is he making fun of himself saying he feels guilty once when he enjoyed the act of rapping an unknown girl along with his mates just to show himself in the eyes of the people that he has done the act without his knowledge or whatever the so called reason it is. And after all these the media or the police are not even trying to leak out even a single picture of those culprits and trying to hide them which shows the importance the government gives to the citizens of its country.

What kind of constitution is ours? Is there any law that when a person is caught for a small theft can be beaten up by the citizens themselves and when some rich men was caught in a very huge loot can be given freedom with so many excuses???

And if a girl is been raped by a gang of men and when the citizen’s claim for hanging as the punishment for the crime, there comes the human rights commission saying awkward reasons in saving the culprits saying them as mere human beings. I do need to ask these people of human rights commission 1 question… If the same girl has been your daughter/sister/wife would you be coming up to speak the same way to save those culprits from hanging??? Whatsoever is the case there must be at-least a bit of integrity to be maintained by both the government of India and the human rights commission.

And its been 5days the students have started to protest against this issue but still no improvement and there has been 3 more incidents of such rape has taken place in our country which clearly shows that India is no more a place for women to live in peacefully. Its in the hands of the women to take good care of them and safeguard them from the perverts and no law or constitution in India is going to be changed to help the women community.

This is not the first incident happening in Delhi and in whole of India and it is also not going to be the last incident…

Being a citizen of India I am least proud in posting this…


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