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Four Days of Pongal Celebrations

Day One – Bhogi
The celebrations of Pongal festival start with Bhogi/Bogi, which usually falls on 13th of January. One day prior to Bhogi, the households are clean, so that the premises become pious for the celebrations. People wake up early in the morning, take bath and make beautiful designs of kolam at the verandah of their home. On this day, people worship Sun God and agricultural equipments that are used to cut the crop. Thereafter, they would use the equipments to cut their paddy crop, which would ready to harvest. On Bhogi, people throw unwanted and old materials into fire, which symbolizes the end of old things and the beginning of the new.
Day Two – Surya Pongal
The second day is the main day of Pongal festival and is celebrated as Surya Pongal. On this day, people wake up early in the morning, take bath and worship Sun God. Women would draw beautiful kolam at the entrance of their house. New rice, which was harvested in the previous day, is cooked on Surya Pongal. A new clay pot is used for the purpose. The rice is cooked with milk and jaggery, over the stove, in an open area.
The Pongal thus made is offered to Sun God. The rice-milk-jaggery mixture is allowed to boil well, until the rice falls. This is termed as Pongal. When the boiled Pongal overflows the pot, people would say loudly ‘Pongalo Pongal’! After the Pongal is offered to Sun God, people would relish on several Pongal dishes that are prepared especially for the day and then greet each other, wishing a very happy Pongal.

Day Three – Mattu Pongal
Mattu Pongal is the third day of the festival. This day is dedicated to farm animals including cow and ox, because they help the farmers to raise a crop and harvest it, successfully. On Mattu Pongal, the farm animals are bathed and then adorned in a beautiful way. Their horns are often painted and garland is wrapped around the horns. After applying tilak on the forehead of the cattle, people would offer Pongal to the animal. The farmers often take their farm animals for a round in the entire village.
Day Four – Kaanum Pongal
The fourth and the last day of Pongal is known as Kaanum Pongal. In some parts of Tamil Nadu, Kaanum Pongal is also known as Karinaal. Sun God is worshipped on the day and people offer food along with Sarkarai Pongal. Sugarcane is offered to the deity as well as exchange among people to symbolize sweetness and joy in life. Kaanum Pongal is the time for people to pay visits to their loved ones and faraway acquaintances. Pongal songs and folk dances are performed by people, on Kaanum Pongal.

Pongal – The Festival Celebrating Prosperity

India is a land whose primary occupation is agriculture. Changes in season thus play a very important role for Indian farmers. Their lifestyles and celebrations are thus exclusively linked to the seasonal landmarks in an year. There are many Indian festivals which are in tune with a farmers lifestyle and also with the seasonal variations in an year. Pongal, the harvest festival of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu is one of them.

When is Pongal Celebrated?
This festival marks the beginning of the end of winter season and corresponds to the time when the sun is moving towards Uttarayanam (north) from Dakshinayanam (south). The period is referred to as Uttarayan Punyakalam and is considered auspicious. As per the Tamil calender, Pongal is celebrated four days from the last day of the month of Margazhi (December — January) to the third day of the month Thai (January — February). Thus, according to the Gregorian calender, Pongal is celebrated from 12 to 15 January of which Pongal day or the first day of Thai falls on 14 January.

Common Traditions and Customs
Some of the rituals which are a must on Pongal are cleaning the house and wearing new clothes. The young girls and women wear a lehanga and half sari respectively whereas the men are attired in lungi and angavastram on this occasion. During the Pongal season, people eat sugar canes and decorate the houses with kolam which is made using rice paste. Kolams are generally made of white colour but one may also come across kolams made up of different colours.

Another popular custom is exchanging gifts on Pongal. In villages, farm labourers get ‘Pongal Padi’ or ‘Pongal Parisu’ as Pongal Gifts. This tradition has now moved on to other occupations as well, with employers giving gifts to their employees on the occasion of Pongal. This is an opportunity to present gifts to those among your family and friends as well. Some popular yet appropriate gift ideas on Pongal include Lord sun sculptures (on Surya Pongal), decoratives (on Bhogi Pongal), new kitchen vessels, wooden handicrafts and household goods.

The Festivities
Pongal is a festival that goes on for four days. The first day of festivities is known as the Bogi Pongal, wherein people worship the sun god and earth. The dish Pongal is made by boiling rice with milk. In fact the first paddy that is harvested is used to make Pongal. The second day is Surya Pongal or Perum Pongal. It is the most important day and people worship Surya, the Sun God and his consorts, Chaya and Samgnya. Old articles are thrown in the fire and people have an oil massage and wear new clothes on this day. On the third day of the festival, known as Mattu Pongal, the farm animals like cattles are worshipped. Cattles are bathed and dressed beautifully and served Pongal. The fourth day is Thiruvalluvar day or Kaanum Pongal. People visit family, friends and relatives, women of the house perform puja for the prosperity of their brothers. Many people leave cooked rice on banana leaves for birds on this day.

The Tamil Festival
On this occasion farmers pay their respects to the rain, sun and the farm animals, all of which are essentials in any harvest. Also, since paddy and other crops depend on the availability of good rain and Tamil Nadu does not have many perennial water sources, rain and sun gods are invoked during this auspicious occasion. Pongal is also known as “Tamizhar Thirunal” (meaning “the festival of Tamils”). “Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum” which means that “birth of the Thai month will pave way for new opportunities” is a common saying in reference to Pongal.


Part – II

The birds were chirping and spreading away the morning glee to each one of their breed while the mesmerizing crack of dawn kissed her body tenderly bringing her to this planet along with the gentle breeze combing her hair strands making her feel good after a long days rest.

Her eyes did not co-operate well and she found it harder to open her eyelids as they were so heavy and painful.She somehow managed to open her eyes and found that she was left alone in a well sophisticated room with a cushioned bed neatly covered till the edges in mild shade on which she was laying with a bed sheet wrapping around her until her chest which was soothing her body from the winter chillness and a perfectly arranged heap of pillows placed on to the edge of the cot with a well groomed sofa set around the left corner of the room in front of which was a new branded television and to the right corner of the room was the dressing table with a splendid glass etching and a wooden door with the ancient sandalwood carving with a beautiful lady speaking with a peacock which portrays to be so realistic.

Watching all these around her in bits and pieces with amusement and not sure where she is and what happened to her she tried remembering what had happened to her and the next moment something set on her nerve indicating a sharp sense of alert and she started examining her whole body and when she found she was completely normal she gave a sigh of relief.

Suddenly the door was sprung open and in a matter of second she tried standing on her leg towards the corner of the bed frightfully and the next second she found a thin woman of 40years walking towards her smiling and holding a silver tray with a glass and a milk jug and placed the tray on the table and started speaking.

“Good morning madam. Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah. But may I know where I am and whose place this is?”

“You are at Mr.Navin Ramsay’s guest house madam. You were found lying over his construction site two days before and the watchman informed our him about it. So he asked you to admit in his friends hospital and treated you”

“But how come I came here?”

“The hospital authorities doesn’t allow you to stay there as there has to be a person looking after you constantly and so saab said to shift you to his guest house from the hospital and informed me to look over you.” Saying these she poured the milk into the cup and added two large cubes of sugar to it and mixed it until the sugar dissolved and held it to her to drink.

“Oh…” she mechanically got the milk and tasted it as she wanted to have something warm so badly after all starving for two long days.

“And when will your boss come here. Because I owe him a lot and I at-least need to thank him and start on my way as soon as possible”

“He is quiet busy with his works madam. He was here this morning to know whether you were okay and as you were in deep sleep he didn’t want to disturb you and just instructed me to take care of you”

“That’s so kind of him. But I feel better now. Why should I still stay here bothering you all. Do you have his number so that I could contact him”

“Relax madam. He will be here soon by this evening probably to check over you. And its his strict orders to make you comfortable until you are perfectly alright” said Mrs. Lakshmi with a pleasing smile.

“That is an impossible one to make me perfectly alright” she said with a low voice.

“Don’t worry madam. You will be okay soon. I’ll take good care of you”

“That’s so kind of you madam”

“Please. Do not call me as madam. Call me as Mrs. Lakshmi. Am just a care taker here”

“Hmmm but you are really the one who’s taking care of me after a very long time” saying she placed the cup on the tray with much care.

“Madam shall I ask you one thing?”

“Of course you can ask me whatever you like” said she with a tiring smile.

“Why hasn’t anyone came looking for you since two days?”

“I guess they don’t need me anymore” said she with tear drops that glittered around the corners of her eyes and eventually fell over her cheek.

“Madam don’t cry. I am extremely sorry for bothering you”

“Please do not call me madam anymore. You are in my mother’s age and I feel inconvenient when you call so. Just call me Maya”

“Okay Maya. Take rest if you feel tired and I will prepare breakfast and wake you up”

“Okay. Shall I call you maa?”

“Of course betti with pleasure”

“Thanks maa” said Maya with boundless cheer that energized her body and soul after so many long years.

To be continued… 

The things happened in the last part of 2011

Its the birthday post of the cute little Shyam who lives in my next-door. He turns 5 on December 16th 2011. It was a kids party though filled with kids from my apartment including me 😛 And here goes the pictures of the birthday bash!!!



Then the second was my cousin sister’s  marriage event which was a memorable one as i had one of my best 2 days of life with all my cousin sisters chatting playing pranks and all sort of girly things 😀 Thanks to all you guys who made those days a memorable one 🙂

A Christmas dinner with my sisters was a splendid moment which i can never forget. Each time i move out with my sisters i love the whole time spent with them 🙂 What i loved this time the more was the new restaurant and its settings which was quiet like a village effect 🙂 Good try guys 🙂 But need to concentrate more on the details of the restaurant to make it a perfect village effect 🙂

Thus my 2011 ended with heaps of joy and cheer!!!

Thus was the beginning of my 2012… It begun with a layered hair cut which i was eagerly waiting for a year and finally got it done in 2012 🙂 And purchase of Jewels was another joy 😀

Hoping for this whole year to be like this with lots of cheer and happiness for me and all you guys 🙂


Hello all!

Its a brand new start for my creative writing 🙂 Eager to know what its all about??? (Though your not eager please do act so 😀 )

Am gonna start writing a story series 🙂 Its the idea which I’ve been thinking for so long but was not really into it… But suddenly had an intuition of writing one on my own. So here comes “SERENDIPITY” my first story series…

Do read it and post your most valuable comments 🙂 I am all ears for comments 🙂


Part – I

It was a sun-drenched summer afternoon where the sunbeams are wrapping the whole city with its fiery temperature and manifestly passing its rays of heat violently on each part of her body. She was been sitting there for hours without any progress both physically and mentally. It was the building which is under construction that’s located next to her house. No sign of human was found in the construction site which braved her to move along the solitude place till the terrace for blow-dry her mind from things that had ended before her before an hour for which she was helpless.

It’s been so long she had been through this and an evil mind of hers started playing tricks over her by insisting her all the pessimistic effects of her life and forced her for a suicide attempt. On the other hand as natural her angelic mind bought back all the good old memories and pleaded her to stay alive. And alas! In a fraction of time no one can ever imagine it and there she was lying on the terrace of the building in the construction site fainted. Not sure how many hours she lay down there as such. At sunset the watchman who was checking over the building noticed her lying over there unmoving.

There she lay motionless. Her face was as pale as the white Lilly with few droplets of sweat over her face due to the struggle just like the morning dew that got settled over the petals of the flower. She had a slender forehead with strands of her hair falling over till her fluffy cheeks with two romantic eyes which would easily make anyone fall for her. Her rose-tinted skin texture made her look immensely beautiful even in her sick-bed.

She woke up hearing the sudden sound of the nurse’s whispering. She found that she was been hospitalized. A pair of blue uniformed nurse’s was chit-chatting sitting around the corner of the single bedded hospital room. The fierce smell of the medicines caught her nostril which wasn’t quiet pleasing to her breath and all of a sudden she started to trouble for breathing. Her entire body started trembling as if she was in to an electric shock.

The nurse’s rushed to the bed hearing the sudden and intense thud of her body and begun their first aids rapidly by placing the oxygen tube around her nostrils and checking the pulse rate on the other side. One of the nurses was treating her and the other hurried to inform the chief doctor about her sudden change. But unfortunately the chief doctor went for lunch and so the nurse went checking for the general practitioner who was on duty at that afternoon. Hearing the news he agreed and soon he was there in her room treating her unstable state and after an hour of struggle she was back to normal.

“Where are the patients relatives? Why come there isn’t anyone here?” asked Dr.Mittal.

“No one came looking for her since yesterday evening Doctor” said nurse Rejina.

Dr: “Then how come she was admitted here?”

Nurse: “An old lad admitted her saying that he doesn’t know who she is and found lying unconscious on the building he was guarding. He also said he would inform to the land owner and visit her today. But nobody turned up since then”

Dr: “My goodness. So if she is fall into a critical situation how can we make our next move without consulting her relatives? Call that person who admitted her immediately and inform him to meet me within evening. And continue her trips and let the oxygen tube be till morning as she suffers to breathe well.”

Nurse: “Okay Doctor Saab”

To be continued…