Part – II

The birds were chirping and spreading away the morning glee to each one of their breed while the mesmerizing crack of dawn kissed her body tenderly bringing her to this planet along with the gentle breeze combing her hair strands making her feel good after a long days rest.

Her eyes did not co-operate well and she found it harder to open her eyelids as they were so heavy and painful.She somehow managed to open her eyes and found that she was left alone in a well sophisticated room with a cushioned bed neatly covered till the edges in mild shade on which she was laying with a bed sheet wrapping around her until her chest which was soothing her body from the winter chillness and a perfectly arranged heap of pillows placed on to the edge of the cot with a well groomed sofa set around the left corner of the room in front of which was a new branded television and to the right corner of the room was the dressing table with a splendid glass etching and a wooden door with the ancient sandalwood carving with a beautiful lady speaking with a peacock which portrays to be so realistic.

Watching all these around her in bits and pieces with amusement and not sure where she is and what happened to her she tried remembering what had happened to her and the next moment something set on her nerve indicating a sharp sense of alert and she started examining her whole body and when she found she was completely normal she gave a sigh of relief.

Suddenly the door was sprung open and in a matter of second she tried standing on her leg towards the corner of the bed frightfully and the next second she found a thin woman of 40years walking towards her smiling and holding a silver tray with a glass and a milk jug and placed the tray on the table and started speaking.

“Good morning madam. Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah. But may I know where I am and whose place this is?”

“You are at Mr.Navin Ramsay’s guest house madam. You were found lying over his construction site two days before and the watchman informed our him about it. So he asked you to admit in his friends hospital and treated you”

“But how come I came here?”

“The hospital authorities doesn’t allow you to stay there as there has to be a person looking after you constantly and so saab said to shift you to his guest house from the hospital and informed me to look over you.” Saying these she poured the milk into the cup and added two large cubes of sugar to it and mixed it until the sugar dissolved and held it to her to drink.

“Oh…” she mechanically got the milk and tasted it as she wanted to have something warm so badly after all starving for two long days.

“And when will your boss come here. Because I owe him a lot and I at-least need to thank him and start on my way as soon as possible”

“He is quiet busy with his works madam. He was here this morning to know whether you were okay and as you were in deep sleep he didn’t want to disturb you and just instructed me to take care of you”

“That’s so kind of him. But I feel better now. Why should I still stay here bothering you all. Do you have his number so that I could contact him”

“Relax madam. He will be here soon by this evening probably to check over you. And its his strict orders to make you comfortable until you are perfectly alright” said Mrs. Lakshmi with a pleasing smile.

“That is an impossible one to make me perfectly alright” she said with a low voice.

“Don’t worry madam. You will be okay soon. I’ll take good care of you”

“That’s so kind of you madam”

“Please. Do not call me as madam. Call me as Mrs. Lakshmi. Am just a care taker here”

“Hmmm but you are really the one who’s taking care of me after a very long time” saying she placed the cup on the tray with much care.

“Madam shall I ask you one thing?”

“Of course you can ask me whatever you like” said she with a tiring smile.

“Why hasn’t anyone came looking for you since two days?”

“I guess they don’t need me anymore” said she with tear drops that glittered around the corners of her eyes and eventually fell over her cheek.

“Madam don’t cry. I am extremely sorry for bothering you”

“Please do not call me madam anymore. You are in my mother’s age and I feel inconvenient when you call so. Just call me Maya”

“Okay Maya. Take rest if you feel tired and I will prepare breakfast and wake you up”

“Okay. Shall I call you maa?”

“Of course betti with pleasure”

“Thanks maa” said Maya with boundless cheer that energized her body and soul after so many long years.

To be continued… 

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