Leading India!!!

We are human beings in general. Though differentiated with country, cast and creed we need to indulge basic humanities and morals to lead our life honest and successful. But we mostly do not even possess basic thought of “Making Things Happen” with love, care, affection, team work and above all a bonding with our fellow people and our Motherland.

When i saw this video i was mind-struck with the act of this cute little one when there are a huge bunch of people in the scene without a sense of caring for their own people and country. We people should develop our bonding with each and everyone we see in our daily walks of life making us care for everything with humanity that happens around us 🙂

Love the making of this ad with humanity 🙂

The below are few other ad’s that are must watched by all on my list:

Though we have come across these ad’s in our lives in some sort of time we have not taken it into a biggest consideration. When i have it as a collection in my list i find myself ashamed of not considering my people, my siblings, my parents, my sons & daughters and my mother India! Not only Indians must be lead through by Education, but also through values and morals. Changing my thoughts and belief’s on the world to a newer horizon of bonding with each other with humanity and leading India is also my prime goal!!! Jai Hind!!!


  1. Good collection (though I couldn’t watch all). Instead of expecting others to follow the messages, let us start working for a better India right from now. Pitch in!!

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