Mahmud of Ghazni

Once when i was doing my school education i like my History subject a lot. It depicts the life and war of the ancient time Kings and Queens. I love reading ancient histories as it gives me a profoundness regarding my own country India. It also portrays the rich Indian culture and various strong men who fought hard for saving our Mother India.

I also loved hearing about great warriors and Emperors who fought to capture our country. They all knew the value of our mother land and had a great zeal towards the wealth and rich natural resources of our country.

One such emperor who attracted me was  “Mahmud of Ghazni”. He was one of the Ruler who attacked us and captured our country. But he had a vast difference from the other Kings. He with a wish of having our country did not stop his invasion until 17 time.

1000 AD: Indian Frontier Towns

1001-03 AD: Jaipal, Peshawar

1008: Anandpal

1009: Invasion of Nagarkot [Kangra]

1014: Thanesar

1015: Kashmir Valley


1018-19: Mathura and Kannauj

1021: Kalinjar

1023: Lahore

1025: Somnath

Inspired by his strongest will power i drew his picture for the first time. It was my first drawing of a person. Though it isn’t appealing i liked it as i came to knew the fact that even i can draw a bit 😀




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