The Three Thoughts….


Have you heard of the three monkey’s story which is related to this pic’s? Hope you all know about it very well. If suppose you are unaware of it then this post is for you all 🙂

The three monkey story clearly depicts three biggest thoughts which was said by our ancestors.

1. The first monkey always used to close his eyes when ever he sees bad things that tempts people to get addicted. It may be of drugs, racing, gambling, theft, smoking, drinking and many such acts.

This is done because it teaches us to have the control over ourselves when we see such things and move away from these instead of getting addicted to it.

2. The second monkey always used to close his mouth. It shows that we must not speak bad things and say anything bad that hurts others.

This is done widely everywhere. We sometimes do not think of the person in front of us and just try to explore our views which may end up hurting them so bad. This happens because of our uncontrollable nature and having thoughts as they are the majestic one. This kind of attitude must be completely avoided and people must treat everyone equally and try to please others instead of hurting them.

3. The third monkey always closes its ears when ever he hears bad things. This is the most important one which is base for the above two.

When we hear people speaking about drugs, racing and all such bad acts which may ruin our life, we must keep our ears shut. Once if we started hearing them we probably might want to do it once which will be tempting us till we get addicted to it. In the same way we should not hear the advice of people who speak ill of others and when we are hearing those we might not realize its bad and we might start using those ways to hurt our near and dear ones. Its better to keep away from such people and not hearing to their speech.

When a person follows all these three thoughts he might be the god’s gifted person and a real human being of this world.

Love yourself and every little people and thing around you. You’ll find the most beautiful world you ever imagined. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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